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If you’re a violin player, then you know how hard it can be to get your music heard by others.

The good news is there are different ways to increase your fan base as a violinist and make sure that people know about all the amazing work you’ve done. So, if you’re one of the many violinists wondering how to increase their music fan base and expand their audience, this is for you!

How to increase your fan base

Increasing your fan base doesn’t have to be hard! Here’s what you can do.

●    Know your music style

Before you start creating music and be the best violin player, it’s important to understand your audience. Are you going to be playing classical, country, rap, or jazz? Knowing what music people will want to listen to will help you make better decisions when creating and promoting your music.

For example, if you know that most people in the country genre like upbeat songs with simple melodies, then that’s something that should be taken into consideration during the creative process.

Once you’ve decided on what type of music you want to play and who your target audience is, you can take several steps toward increasing your fan base!

●    Identify your target audience.

Just like what is mentioned earlier, you need to identify who your audience is.

Your target audience will most likely buy your music or attend concerts.

For example, if you’re playing classical music in an orchestra, your target audience would be other classical musicians and fans of classical music. If you’re playing rock music on stage in front of thousands of screaming fans, your target audience would be young people who like rock music.

As you can see, your target audience also depends on your style.

●    Post your music on social media

Social media is a rich place to connect with other musicians, fans, and potential clients. You can share your latest performances and news with the world!

People are always looking for new artists to follow or listen to, and it’s easy for them to find you if you’re active online. If you post frequently and use hashtags, people will start to notice you.

And once they do, they’ll want to know more about you and your music, which is exactly what we want!

So don’t delay. Start posting now!

●    Upload videos on youtube

Youtube is a famous video streaming platform you can use to increase your fan base. You can upload videos of yourself playing the violin or videos of yourself teaching others how to play. Either way, people will want to see what you’re doing!

There are many reasons why uploading videos on YouTube is such a great idea, including the following.

  1. It lets you connect with your audience by allowing them to see you perform in person.
  2. It allows you to share your story with others, which will help people understand what makes you tick as an artist.
  3. It helps build trust between artists and listeners.

●    Join music gigs

The best way to build your fanbase as a violin player is by joining music gigs. Music gigs are events where you can perform and showcase your talent. These gigs allow you to interact with other musicians and fans, leading to new opportunities for collaboration, promotion, and performances.

You can also use these events to build relationships with potential employers or clients, which may lead to work opportunities later on.


If you’re looking to increase your fan base, the best decision you can make is to create content that people want to share with their friends. If you make something amazing, people will want to tell everyone they know about it and will be happy to give you credit when they do.

Don’t be afraid to seek help or advice if you need it! There are tons of resources available online, and people love offering tips on how to succeed in the music industry.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all this information, don’t worry! This is just a starting point. You don’t have to master everything right away. Just take it slowly and enjoy the journey!