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Buying a unique wall painting can take your home décor to the next level. You may know your taste and style, but sometimes selecting the best wall art can become challenging. You need to shop for the wall art that suits your interior, wall size, and wall color.

The wall art with the right dimensions and orientation can update a room in no time. There are no strict rules to choosing wall art, but with these tips, you can get the one that fits your space.

Consider Your Style and Features

Your wall art should complement your interior and taste. Consider your style when you are in the market to buy wall paint for the living room or bedroom. For example, if you love a neutral interior, then choose a painting with similar shades or one that complements your neutral walls.

Do not forget to Measure

Before you buy any wall painting for your home, make sure to measure the wall size where you want to hang it. Now, when you take the size of the wall, multiply it with O.75 to know about the size of the wall to choose.

This will help you find the best wall paintings of butterfly or other things for your home or rooms. For example, if your wall is 50”, the wall art should cover at least 23×30”. It looks really great when you hang it above your sofa or dining table.

Placement is Important

The placement of the wall art is also very important as it can make or break the interior. You need to make sure that the wall art looks good in the room and does not make the space look messy. So, always try to choose the blank wall to hang the wall print.

If you want to add the wall art on the wall above the sofa in the living room, then choose the sophisticated prints. Also, make sure that your sofa complements the wall art and does not overshadow it.

On the other hand, if you want to add wall art above the dining table, then choose something that amplifies the space.

Wall Art Size

How To Pick Wall Painting Which is The Right Size for Your Room

Choose the wall art size according to the available wall space. For example, if there is a large blank wall in your living area, then try to choose oversized wall art. Or, you can buy various small art pieces to create a gallery wall.

O the other hand, if there is a small available wall space, then it is better to choose the small wall art. Or you can also buy the framed wall art of your choice to spice up your bedroom or living room interior.

Colored or black and white wall art

Another thing that you need to focus on is the colors of the wall art and your room. If you love colorful prints, then it is better to choose one that suits your interior and complements your furniture.

But, if you don’t want to buy colored prints, then black and white wall art is great for you. You can shop for trending black and white prints for your home.

Decide on your budget

Last but not least, budget is very important when it comes to buying wall art. So, first, fix your budget and then shop for your favorite wall art according to your style and taste. Also, if you like any wall print, then do not compromise for a few bucks.

We hope that now you have got the idea of how to choose wall art for your home. So, pick the one that appeals to you and falls within your budget.