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Hundred anime is a light Japanese novel that only Jun Masaki wrote. However, he developed an amazing story of love and adventure in the middle of utter chaos. As those who have already read the beautiful novel is a good witness to how amazing the novel is, and that the reason fans can’t wait for the release of season 2.

The plot of the Hundred Anime

The storyline of the novel is about Earth being under attack by both aliens and monsters named Saveges. Saveges are monstrous creatures that have turned the whole planet to be a huge hot bubbling war area. They are not only aimed at destroying human beings, but also they are struggling to damage the planet and everything in its existence literally.

Unfortunately, the worst part is, there is only a single weapon that can prevent the savages. The weapon is so powerful and unique in a way that it gives each user special power. However, few humans possess the superpowers to wield this superb weapon and face the saveges.

Hundred Anime Cast

Hundred Anime Cast

The story is about Hayato Kisaragi, who has a wish to become a slayer in some time. To attain his wishes, Hayato manages to join the marine academy city, ship city. Upon his entry, he was welcomed by his roommate, a girl named Emile Crossford.

As time goes by, he started to experience some strange sense of similarity towards Emile. He started to wonder if he knows her from any place. Despite all this, this is not the only issue bothering them, as, upon joining the academy, he is challenged by the most superior slayer, Claire Harvey, among the schoolmates.

Hundred Anime season two Release Date

The release date of season two is yet to be announced, although there is a green light already given to indicate the show by his own producers. Most likely, we should expect the season to fall in 2021 in either summer or spring season.


According to the IMDb, the show has welcomed 6.3 stands out of 10, which is a bit low. Some fans stated that ‘hundred is the only weapon that can attach and destroy the powerful life of savages life from invading the planet. To be a slayer, Hatayo decided to join Kisaragi marine academy, which happened successfully. However, he felt some strange feelings; however, he was familiar with Emil Crossford. The fan explains how the show is good to watch as it has good consistent animation, good English dubbing, and the background music isn’t terrible.

The expected plot of season two

Season 1 concluded with four volumes, while the volumes were 16 in total; therefore, there is still enough of a lot of activities that will take place in upcoming season 2. According to the predictions, season two may start from where season one was concluded when Emilia becomes a prince of the whole Gutenberg Empire. or maybe a new creator may opt to bring in a new storyline adapted from the light novel. It is expected that both Hatayo and Emilia will return to their mother country. The woman mistreated Emilia for a been an unwanted child from her. According to you, the reader, what do you think will happen in season two?

Who are Will be in Season two

We can expect old central characters to return on the screens in season two, such as Hatayo Kisaragi, Emilia Hermit, Claire Harvey Kisarigi, Karen, Sakura, Kirishima, Liza Harvey, and others. In the composition of other supporting players like Charlotte Diamandis, Charlotte Dimandias, Miharu Kashiwagi, Chris Steinbelt, and others

Is There Any Trailer for the upcoming Season 2?

There is no possible trailer for the second season, but we will update and post it for you if it happens.

Some of the frequently asked questions

Some of the most asked questions about the famous hundred seasons are, where you can watch hundred seasons 2. Hundred seasons if available in Animelist.Net, this is for the first season, while for the second season, fans will have to wait for its release by the producers

Another frequently asked question is, is Anime canceled?  Season two of the show has not been canceled, for instance, the creators have already signaled its return, and the series is most expected to by 2021, either in summer or spring.