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For those who cannot resist watching the action series, Into the Badlands is the perfect sci-fi with martial arts series for them. This TV series came around six years ago in November on an American multinational cable TV channel. This TV serial has been termed as a powerpack sci-fi action drama and post-disaster series. It revolves around the journey of a young boy and a combatant seeking insight together on a savage feudal land. 

It streamed for three seasons but did not continue afterward as it was known to be canceled by the American channel AMC. Since 9th February 2019, there has been no continuation of this series. The last concluding part of the series aired on 6th February in the same year. 

Into the Badlands is an elevated science fiction action series that binds the interest of its viewers with fabulous martial art fighting scenes. Besides getting applauded for the stupendous choreography of the action picturization, Into The Badlands is also appreciated for having a catchy theme of supernatural and apocalypse. 

Simply saying, with its previous seasons, this sci-fi series has gained wider viewership due to its wonderful action choreography that reminds us of ancient Kung Fu movies from China. If you are a die-hard fan of Hollywood action films showing amazing martial art fighting skills, then I am sure movies like Kill Bill and Mortal Kombat are must be on your favorite list. 

And if it is, then you definitely must have enjoyed watching the previous seasons of Into The Badlands. At any point, this action drama series won’t let you snooze off or switch to another channel. Into The Badlands will keep you engaged till the end. Now since you have watched all the previous 3 seasons on your television screen, you must be craving for its new season 4 very soon in 2021. 

But it is not sure whether there will be a new renewal of the series or not. Let’s check this out in the article. 

Show Details 

TV Series: Into The Badlands
Genre: Action, adventure, drama, martial art, sci-fi
Created by: Miles Millar & Alfred Gough
Starring: Daniel Wu, Sarah Bolger, Orla Brady & more
Place Of Origin: America
Theme music composer:  Mike Shinoda
Original language: English
Number of seasons: 3
Number of episodes: 32

Into The Badlands Season 4 Release Date

Story Plot

The interesting storyline of Into The Badlands takes place in an after-disaster world in the future decade (around five hundred years). The civilization is left with all disasters brought by war. But amid ruins, some tech elements did exist. These were ground vehicles and power (electricity). But now the use of guns is evaded by society. Hence the dependency is on handheld weaponry and crossbows. 

A territory named Badlands comprises various states that are situated near the river (Mississippi) and a mountain (Rocky). After a heavy disaster caused by war, the feudal society made developments in filling up the power vacuum. To keep the peace, Barons practice trading of opium and fuel with the people belonging to their community. 

There are classes like dolls (whores) and cogs (slaves) serving every baron. Another is clippers, a power class comprising a young army of both genders monitored by a baron. These warriors have been given high training and are loyal to their supreme leader. They are barred from entering into marital life and producing kids, because if it happens, then there might be a possibility of divisions in their loyalties. The clipper army is headed by a regent. 

Apart from the above-mentioned classes, other groups are living beyond the authoritarian rule of barons. The most common among them are nomads. These are bandits that have no fear of law. They are involved in plundering from the trading groups. But all of them are not the same, as some reside in structured clans. 

Whereas the River King holds control over the trading of water with his men in the Badlands and other places. They are considered that party that has stayed neutral during the struggle for power by barons. Totemist is the religious camp shown on the borderline of society residing in the secluded group following a special idol faith. 

The Widow

One of the seven barons of the Badlands is The Widow who heads the revolutionary fighter group against the feudal from the barony of her husband who is no more. She is considered a baron for a namesake by her peers. They do not pay regard to her and ridiculing is common. 

Azra: The Mythological Utopian City

Not much is known beyond the Badlands. But it is speculated that they are not much stable on the political front by far. They seem like Badlands ecologically. There is also the mention of Azra, a mythological city from Utopia. It lies beyond the Badlands but is mostly dismissed for being a legend. 

Premiere Of Into The Badlands Fourth Season: Renewed Or Cancelled?

The third season of Into The Badlands took place three years ago on 22nd April on the American Movie Classics channel. After its release, the latter American channel declared during an interview with the American news website that it won’t be coming up with a new renewal of the latter sci-fi series after the 3rd season. 

Daniel Wu, the American actor-director, and British actor Nick Frost even posted their heartfelt messages for their fans on social media platforms. They feel sad about season 3 becoming the final chapter of the series. He even mentioned the cooperation of people who have been behind the success of Into The Badlands. 

Might Return On Another Network

Now it is clear from the AMC that there will be no fourth season of Into The Badlands to come up. It appears that with time, the latter American network must have lost interest in it and finally came up with the decision of dropping it. But witnessing the immense liking from the fans, it might also be possible to expect the new season to appear on some other network. 

Clear About The Series Closure

The show creator Alfred has also said that writers had already known that the third season would turn out to be the concluding part of the Into The Badland series. And it did end in making everyone emotional who watched it from the beginning.