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Isabella Loggins has been in the spotlight because of her connections with the family which is well-known in the entertainment industry and has one-on-one legends. Her father, Kenny Loggins, mother, Eva Ein, and brother, Crosby Loggins, are all well-known legends in the music industry.

Isabella Loggins’s Family

Isabella Loggins was born to Eva Ein and Kenny Loggins and is the youngest daughter of the couple. She was born sometime in 1988. Isabella’s mother, Eva Ein, was born on September 25, 1952, in the USA and is an actress and singer by profession. She met singer, Kenny, while at a music academy and they started dating.

Kenneth Clark Loggins aka Kenny Loggins, was born January 7, 1948, in Everett, Washington, and is the youngest of three children of Robert George Loggins, a salesman of English and Irish ancestry, Lina (née Massie), who was a homemaker of Italian descent, from Avezzano. The family lived in Detroit and Seattle before settling in Alhambra, California.

Kenny attended San Gabriel Mission High School, graduating in 1966. His love of music became evident when he began playing the guitar at age twelve.  He knew by the time he was in high school that he wanted a music career. When he was attending Pasadena City College, he was a member of a folk group. He later joined a rock group called Gator Creek.

Kenny married Eva Ein on December 31, 1976. On 15 December 1980, the couple’s first child, Crosby Loggins was born. Their second child, Cody was born in 1983 followed by   Isabella. When Kenny experienced health problems in 1982, he was referred to Julia Cooper, a colon therapist. They felt an immediate connection. They were both married but unhappy in their relationships. Their relationship was limited to a close friendship for many years. Near the end of the 1980s, Kenny separated from his wife at nearly the same time Julia left her husband.

Kenny & Eva got divorced on November 20, 1990, and 2 years later, Kenny married Julia on July 11, 1992. The couple had two children: Lukas, born in 1993, and Hana, born in 1997. They authored a 1997 book, The Unimaginable Life, about their relationship. The couple divorced in 2004. Eva is now married to Michael Palmer.

Isabella Loggins’s Net Worth

Isabella Loggins is a celebrated kid born to one of the richest families in the entertainment industry. It is known that Isabella did a music major in college. In 2008, her brother, Crosby, was the winner of MTV’s Rock the Cradle. Isabella’s father, Kenny Loggins is a renowned guitarist, singer, and songwriter and is known as the King of the Movie Soundtrack. He won an Academy Award nomination for “Footloose” in 1985.  He also won a Daytime Emmy Award, and two Grammy Awards and was nominated for an Academy Award, a Tony Award, and a Golden Globe Award and has a net worth of $16 million.