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Jack Mathew Lauer is the son of American television news anchor Matt Lauer and his ex-partner Anette Roque. He is the first son between the three children of the former couple. He is known for his private life and rare appearances.

Mini Bio

Jack Mathew Lauer is also known as Jack Matt. He was born on June 26th, 2001 in New York City, United States. He is the oldest son of Matthew Todd Lauer and Anette Roque. Jack Mattew shares a good relationship with both of his parents even after their divorce. He has two younger siblings, a brother and a sister. Jack was seen and featured for his rare public appearance alongside his family in January, 2017.

Jack Mathew Lauer’s Parents and Controversy

Jack’s parents, Matt Lauer and Anette Roque met in 1997, through a blind date.  Jack’s father Matthew Todd had been married before meeting Anette. However, he decided to separate with his ex-wife Nancy Alspaugh in 1989.  Matthew Todd and Anette started dating after their blind date. After 5 months of dating they both got  married on October 3rd 1998 in Water Mill, New York, United States.

Matt Lauer is a former television news anchor and co-host of NBC’s The Today Show. After being the co-host for almost two decades, Matt was disgraced out of his job when an unidentified  female filed charges of assault against him.

After two years of the incident,  Anette filed for divorce from Matt Lauer on July 9, 2019. Nearly after 20 years of relationship, the couple separated.

Why is Jack Matthew Lauer Famous?

Jack Matthew became famous because of the fame of his father, Matthew Todd Lauer. Who was a famous television anchor and co-host of NBC’s The Today’s Show. He is also known for his strong bond with his father and rare appearances in public or the media.

Jack Matthew Lauer’s Siblings

Jack Matthew Lauer has two younger siblings. Jack’s younger brother, Thijs was born on November 28th, 2006. While sister Romy was born on 2nd october 2003. Like their mother Anette Roque, Romy is an aspiring horse rider. She has taken part in numerous horse riding competitions in the region.

Jack Matthew Lauer And His Dad Matt Lauer’s Relationship

Jack is closest to his dad among their family. He is mostly seen attending and cheering for New York knick’s games with his father. On several occasions they were caught on camera sharing words and laughs, showcasing their strong bond.

When Matt Lauer’s contract terminated with NBC due to the serious allegations of sexual assault, he said he was more about his son’s perspective than his wife’s. According to the sources Matt Lauer  had driven to Jack’s school to explain the entire situation.


Jack Matthew Lauer is the famous son of former American television news anchor and NBC’s The Today’s Show Host, Matt Lauer and his former wife, Anette Roque. He is known for his rare appearance in the public and keeping a private lifestyle. He is also famous for attending New York Knicks games and cheering for them alongside his dad. His parents separated on September 6, 2019.