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Jagger Joseph Blue is a celebrity daughter who captured the public attention for her unique name. After her parents left the hospital, they were aware of the news of their daughter’s name trending on social media platforms.

Frye explained that it was a unique name for their daughter, and they had a reason for choosing the specific name for the beautiful girl. If you are eager to learn the meaning behind the unique names of the celebrity daughter, stick around!

What is the Meaning of Jagger Joseph Bleu’s Name?

Jagger Joseph’s name is one of the names that trended on social media platforms because of its uniqueness. Happy about her girl’s name, Frye explained that they had chosen it for a reason.

Jagger was the name they fell in love with since they knew they were expecting a child, and it was nice because they wanted to be surprised about the sex, and they felt it was perfect for a boy or girl.

On the other hand, Joseph had a meaning closer to Jagger’s parents. Frye explained that Joseph was her godfather’s name, and the fact that he was there when she was born and walked her down the aisle made the name so special. Moreover, Frye’s godfather had died sometime before Jagger was born, and giving the girl the name felt good.

Blue is the name that they just loved. Frye explained that she always felt that names within their family must have a deeper purpose, and Jagger Joseph Blue came from the bottom of their hearts. Moreover, the actress expressed that the name made them smile daily, making it the ideal name for their lovely girl.

Jagger Joseph Blue’s Parents

Soleil Moon Frye and Jason Goldberg are Jagger’s parents, and they have played a huge role in bringing up the girl and her siblings. Jagger’s parents met in the 1990s, and they walked down the aisle in 1998, exchanging vows in a beautiful ceremony.

Jagger’s parents are proud of four children who have brightened their lives. Jagger’s mother has been in the limelight since she was young, and it seems that Jagger wants to follow in her mother’s footsteps.

Jagger is ever excited about being in front of the camera, and she may pursue a career in film. However, her mother encourages the young girl to go for plays rather than films. Even though it is still early, with time, we will know what Jagger settles for.

Jagger’s parents separated in 2020, and their divorce was finalized two years later. The couple did not explain their reasons for partying ways, but it seems it was a decision they agreed amicably to allow them to co-parent their daughters.

The legal papers showed that Goldberg was required to pay the actress spousal and child support of $18,996 and $17,281, respectively. Moreover, the court noted that the actress needed to pay her ex-husband $631,000 to keep the family property in Venice, California.

Jagger and her mother have been having happy lives after the divorce, and it is clear that Frye is on good terms with her ex-husband.