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Naveen Andrews is a famous actor who captured the hearts of many when he acted as Sayid Jarrah in the TV series Lost. After the series, the actor received various nominations, establishing him as one of the best actors alongside his crew members.

Because of Naveen’s fame, his fans are interested in his son’s life. Jaisal Andrews is the son of the decorated actor, and many people wonder if he ventured into acting like his father. If you want all the details regarding the celebrity son, continue reading!

Who is Jaisal Andrews?

Jaisal Andrews is a celebrity son who enjoys the fame that his father has brought him. Jaisal was born in 1992, shortly after his parents had separated. His mother is Geraldine Fekins, although little about her has been shared on the media.

Jaisal’s father hails from India, but he was naturalized as a US citizen in 2010, where he has been perfecting his acting career. Jaisal’s father had a relationship with actress Barbara Hershey, but while they were separated, the actor sired a son with actress Elena Eustache.

Jaisal’s father was in battle for the sole custody of his other son, and he was granted sole legal and physical custody on January 7, 2009. Jaisal has never been spotted publicly with his half-brother, but they probably share a strong bond, given that they spend time with their father.

Jaisal’s Career

Jaisal is a celebrity son, but unlike his father’s career, the public knows that the gentleman has never revealed what he is up to. Some sources indicate that the young man has a net worth of around $800,000, but the source of income is undisclosed.

On the other hand, Jaisal’s father has been on the screens for a long time, making him feature in several films. His most notable role was when he acted in Lost for several seasons, which resulted in him being nominated for various awards.

Jaisal’s father was nominated for a Golden Globe Award, and he won a Screen Actors Guild Award among other crew members. The prominent actor has been in several films, including The Brave One and Diana, Planet Terror, Mighty Joe Young, The English Patient, and Rollerball, to mention a few.

Naveen Andrew’s career began in the 1990s, and it has spanned over the years, where he continues to offer his services. As a result of his many years in the entertainment industry, his net worth is estimated at around $10 million, mostly from acting.

Jaisal’s father has revealed that in the past, he was an alcoholic and addicted to heroin. The actor was barely surviving on heroin when he collapsed during a  set, leading to emergency services. However, the actor is now doing great and focuses on his career.

Besides being an actor, Jaisal’s father plays the guitar and sings. The actor tap dances to his own tunes and has always done it as a hobby.

Jaisal has been spotted a few times with his father, and the father-son duo may have a great bond.