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If you are fond of watching period dramas, then Jamestown will surely quench your excitement. This British drama show will take you back to the old century of US colonization, showing British settlers. And let me tell you it is not a non-fictional television show but is based on the true marks of American history. 

It shows the decision taken by the Virginia Company in 1619 regarding the selection of women with no partner in arranging women to become wives of men in Jamestown, America. The credit of writing and production of this period drama show goes to writer Bill and Carnival films. Earlier they have been behind Downton Abbey, another period drama series with five seasons.

This show was later renewed for movie adaptation. Jamestown narrates the following events that took place in the colony of Virginia, Jamestown long ago in 1619. The story of Jamestown emphasizes the early Britishers who settled while trying to set up the community in the new civilization. Those who came first on the coast of Virginia were three single British women.

The premiere of the first season of Jamestown came in 2017 on the British television pay channel in the United Kingdom. It was also aired on an American television broadcasting and distributor channel PBS (also known as Public Broadcasting Service) in May 2018 in the United States. The second season streamed for two years on PBS. Then in 2019, season 3 of Jamestown also came on Sky One. 

Now, all wait is for the new fourth season of the latter period drama show. Well, let us check out whether it will be coming soon, or has ended with the last season. 

Show Details 

TV Series: Jamestown
Genre: Historical drama
Created by: Bill Gallagher
Starring: Naomi Battrick, Sophie Rundle, Niamh Walsh & others
Place: United Kingdom
Production company: Carnival Films
Original language: English
Number of seasons: 3
Number of episodes:  24

Jamestown Season 4 Release Date

Story Plot

As I have given you the idea of the concept of the period drama show, Jamestown, let us know it with more depth. The story revolves around the actual events from history, and it brings back the olden times with English settlement in the Virginia colony, in Central Europe. At the time of development of the show, its creators had been through consultation with the historic experts before framing the old century civilizations through a period drama show. 

The story of Jamestown will introduce you to the old seventeenth-century settlements of English people in the first British colony in the Virginian colony. After being through the initial decade, the community is all set to go for a change with the new appointment of the governor and a new culture of maids as brides.

Established twelve years after the emergence of Jamestown centuries ago, the period drama takes its viewers to the year 1619, introducing three single women that have come from England to become wives of men with whom they have been engaged. So one can say that the main characters in this show are Alice, Jocelyn, and Verity. 

These women are unaware of what change it would be bringing in their lives and for those living in the new accommodation. On their arrival to Jamestown, they became familiar with the community which is going through a power struggle. And it is all prevalent in the way of the governor’s office and the people working under him. 

Serious Twists

The three women soon realize that for survival they need to be fair with each other with trust and reliability. After the end of Jamestown’s first season, the second season begins with picking up from what is left in the predecessor season and weaving the incidental threads that occur in the life of settlers. It all involves murder threats, betrayal, kidnapping not only from inside the colony but from outside also.

While watching the period drama Jamestown, we will see the tobacco plantations promising with wealth. But with the advent of birthing, failed wedlocks, and new emergence breeds disorder and uncertainty. The show also showcases the brewing battles among the natives demanding sharing of the rightful profits to them. 

Now the question is who will make up the mind of giving away Virginian wealth that has been newly obtained? Then comes season 3 that goes into the deeper ride of colonists’ adventures in riding more than one journey and pursuits involving love, diplomacy, and authority. Now trading is at its high pace with booming businesses of tobacco farms. 

Battle For Power

To make one’s mark with power and identity, there is a battle between the old colonists with the new ones. The third season also showcases the rift between the tribal people and English people. Now what needs to watch in Jamestown period drama is whether the dwellers live up to their principles? It also showcases a character named Silas who earlier left the Virginia colony and became part of the local native Americans. 

Jamestown: A Gripping Infotainment Drama

Jamestown is one of the best period drama shows to watch out for. It won’t be wrong to say it is a complete pack of infotainment with the engaging portrayal of events in the actual colonies of Virginia, known to be the initial success of the British dwellings in America. As the name Jamestown suggests, it was inspired by the ruler named King James 1. To define Jamestown in one line, then one can term it as the place that marks the beginning of the British Empire. 

Release of Fourth Season

The premier of Jamestown’s third season came two years ago on 16th June. It aired on Public Broadcasting Service of America and 26th April in the United Kingdom on Sky One. Viewers from the United States can watch Jamestown on PBS network channels. Like previous seasons, season 3 of the latter period drama also ended with eight episodes. 

And coming to the release of season 4, then sorry to disappoint you, it won’t be happening. According to the director of the period drama, the 3rd season was the last and final installment of Jamestown. Also, there is no assurance of any other network picking up the fourth installment of the show.