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Michael Jordan is one of the most respected sportsmen in history. After serving in the NBA for many years, Michael started his Michael empire, making him one of the most respected businesspeople in the world.

While Michael Jordan has done a lot, his children have followed diligently. Jasmine is Michael’s daughter with his ex-wife, Juanita Vanoy, and she is doing much to ensure her father’s empire continues to be on its toes.

During an interview, Jasmine revealed that she wanted to be the brand’s designer, but her father’s feedback meant she did not do well in the design sector. As a result, the young lady chose to serve as a field representative of the Jordan brand, ensuring she does marketing diligently to reach new markets.

Although many may think the young lady depends on her father’s brand, she is doing much to keep the brand afloat while thinking of starting something of her own.

Jasmine’s Bio

Jasmine is the youngest child of Michael Jordan and ex-wife Juanita Vanoy. The beautiful lady was born in 1992 after her brothers, Marcus and  Jeffrey. Jeffrey is the eldest, born in 1988, while Marcus was born in 1990.

Jasmine grew up in a comfortable home, and as his dad focused on his NBA career, her mother worked hard to ensure her home was afloat. Although Jasmine’s parents divorced later, she has had a strong bond with her parents.

Who is Jasmine’s Father?

Michael Jordan is a decorated NBA star and the father of Jasmine Jordan. Jasmine’s father was born on February 17, 1963, and he established himself as one of the best basketball players, playing for fifteen seasons in the NBA.

Jordan’s career started in college, where he entertained the crowds with his scoring style while standing as the most defensive player. As a result of his great performances, he earned various nicknames like Air Jordan and His Airness.

Despite his success in basketball, the player admitted to having had gambling issues, which may have cost him his career. According to some sources, his gambling issues put him in massive losses, and he received a forced retirement as a punishment.

Jasmine Mother

Juanita Vanoy is Jasmine’s mother. The celebrated ex-wife of Michael Jordan played a huge role during the start of the player’s career, and her commitment to taking care of the family enabled Michael to focus on his career.

Jasmine’s parents met in a restaurant in 1985, and they started to date soon. In 1988, the couple was expecting their first child together. Because they wanted to give their child a better and normal life than any child, the couple walked the aisle in 1989, and they exchanged vows.

Michael Jordan was starting his career in the NBA. While Juanita focused on maintaining their home, he perfected his game, becoming one of the best basketball players. When Jordan decided to return to playing, Vanoy filed for divorce.

Although the couple reconciled, they split for good in 2006. The couple did not reveal the reasons for their divorce, but Vanoy got paid $168 million as a settlement.