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Jessica L. Fidrych is the daughter of Mark and Ann Fidrych. In 2000 is when Jessica was born in Northborough. Her dad was a former American baseball player. Mark Fidrych is also known as the bird this is a nickname he got while playing the major league baseball as a pitcher.

So, this article will focus more on Jessica L. Fidrych and her family.

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Personal Details

Full Name: Jessica L. Fidrych

Year of Birth: 2000

Place of Birth: Northborough, Massachusetts

Parents: Mark and Ann Fidrych (Married in 1986)

Occupation: Celebrity Kid

Gender: Female

Aunt: Paula Grogan

Grandparents: Nancy Pantazis and James W. Pantazis

The Early Life of Jessica L. Fidrych

Jessica L. Fidrych was born in 2000 translating to her turning 22 years old in 2022. She was born in Northborough, Massachusetts. Mark and Ann Fidrych are her parents. According to the information we have Jessica was the only child of this celebrity family. Additionally, Jessica L. has an aunt called Paula Grogan and a grandparent called Nancy Pantazis.

About Jessica L. Fidrych’s Grandparents

Nancy A. Pantazis and James W. Pantazis are the grandparents of Jessica L. Fidrych. The grandmother was born in 1922 and died on 13th December 2015. Nancy’s grandfather died in 2001. The Pantazis were the owners of Chet’s Diner which they opened in 1960 and has been operating for five decades. Before opening this diner, Nancy was working at Montrose Dairy.

Jessica L. Fidrych’s Father

Mark Fidrych is a former MLB player who was born on 1th August 1954 in Worcester, Massachusetts. The dad was a son of an assistant school principal. Mark attended Algonquin Regional High School where he began playing baseball.

He later went to Worcester Academy and on completion he was recruited by Detroit Tigers as an amateur. Playing baseball was a success for Mark but things didn’t end up well as he got an injury. While training he got his knee cartilage torn which recurred.

On thorough diagnosis doctors realized he had a torn rotator cuff. This gave Mark a challenging playing time and had to retire at the age of 29.

What Caused Mark Fidrych’s Death?

On 13th April 2009, Mark Fidrych died through an accident involving a Mack truck he was using. He was 54 years old during his death. Before his death he was working in her mother-in-law diner which his wife was operating.

When Did Jessica L. Fidrych Parents Get Married?

Jessica L. Fidrych parents got married in 1986 and were living in Northborough on a 107-acre home.

Jessica L. Fidrych Net Worth

There is no information about Jessica’s net worth. Before the death of his dad, he was worth $1-$5 million. The main source of his wealth was playing baseball and his contractor business.

Is Jessica in a Relationship?

We can neither confirm nor deny that Jessica is in a relationship. All we believe she is seeing someone as she in her prime years. Although this information is not verified when we get information about her love life, we will inform you.


Jessica L. Fidrych is the daughter to former baseball player Mark Fidrych. We hope that this information has enabled you learn more about her. Thank you for your time.