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Joanna is not widely known based on her career, as she has no celebrity status. However, her reputation is thanks to her ex-husband, Criss Angel. She is a celebrity wife, and although she was once a model, her career didn’t give her as much fame as she did when she married Criss Angel. The duo was admirable, and their fans are curious to know what happened to the couple and gather more information about Joann Winkhart.

Biography of Joann Winkhart

Joann is an American female born in December 1969. She has mixed ethnicity, and her horoscope is Sagittarius. Unfortunately, Joann has opted for a secretive life, and information about her childhood remains unknown.

Regarding her education, she attended the same school as her ex-husband, where they met. She attended East Meadow High School, but we have no details about which university she joined.

We also have not found any public information about Joann’s family. She has shared information on who her parents are or whether she has any siblings.

Relationship Status

Based on the available information, Joann has been in two marriages. Her most famous marriage was when she married Cris Angel. Her ex-husband is an American artist, performer, and illusionist. Cris and Joann married in 2002. However, their marriage only lasted four years as they divorced in 2006. They never shared the events leading to the divorce.

Notably, Joann was not famous before marrying Cris Sigel. The public only came to know her following her marriage. Even after the divorce, the public still wants more information about her.

After divorcing Cris, Joann found love again and married Rich Cave. The two keep a low profile, and we have no details about their marriage and life.

Career and Net Worth

Joann once worked as a model, but the career wasn’t as fruitful as she hoped. She is now a musician, and all her wealth is attributed to the income that she gets. Besides, she has numerous assets and unmentioned investments.

Based on her career, investments, and assets, we estimate that Joann has a net worth ranging between $1 million and $5 million. The data is not specific as she hasn’t given any public wealth declaration.

Joann’s ex-husband is among the highest-paid magicians. His net worth is estimated to be over $50 million, and Forbes has ranked him among the wealthiest magicians. Besides, his annual earnings is about $16 million. Additionally, he owns a company that records over $70 million in yearly revenue.

Cris was also featured on America’s Got Talent when he appeared as a judge sitting beside other celebrities like Howie Mandel. Being on this platform also helped increase his fame while earning him a good income.

Controversies and Drama

Joann is not one to easily find on the internet. She has managed to conceal most of her information. Thus, finding her in controversies and drama is nearly impossible. So far, no drama or controversies have surrounded her life. If anything happens, we will update you.