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Joel Osteen is a renowned American pastor, author, televangelist whose sermons were broadcasted about 10 million viewers in the United States alone, and millions more in more than 100 countries worldwide. His books are bestsellers and have influenced many lives.

His preaching is known in the Christian community and has touched the lives of many people. Based in Houston, Texas, Osteen pursues his advocacy to share the word of God and encourage people to find hope amidst the difficulties in life.

Early Life

Born on March 5, 1963, in Houston, Texas, Joel Scott Osteen is among the six children of John Osteen and Dolores Pilgrim. Osteen’s father was the founder of Lakewood Church, whom Osteen now has become the senior pastor. 

Joel Osteen studied in a public high school in Humble Texas, Humble High School, where he graduated and attended college in Tulsa, Oklahoma at Oral Roberts University. However, Osteen did not finish his radio and communications degree in college and returned to Houston in 1982. 

Since then, Osteen founded Lakewoods’ television program and became in charge of the broadcast of his father’s televised sermons. However, in January 1999, Osteen’s father died and his televised sermons stopped after seventeen years. 


Despite being the son of the senior pastor, Osteen successively declined his father’s encouragement to become a preacher. Instead, Osteen chose to work off-cam and continued being the operator for his father’s televised sermons. Not until January 17, 1999, Osteen finally accepted his father’s request and appeared on stage preaching the word of God.

However, upon accepting his father’s wish, his dad was laid to rest six days after his first sermon because of a heart attack. Osteen continued his father’s work and became Lakewood Church’s senior pastor on October 3, 1999. Their small number of members largely increased in attendance from 5,000 to 43,000 in 2014.

Lakewood Church acquired NBA Houston Rockets and the AHL Houston Aeros place in 2003. It took more than fifteen months to renovate the place, which costs about $105 million. Additional five stories were made to accommodate more attendees.

In 2005, Lakewood Church launched its grand opening which was attended by more or less 56,000 people. Included were Nancy Pelosi, former House Minority Leader and now Speaker of the House, and Texas Governor Rick Perry. 

During an interview in 2008, Osteen said that about 7 million viewers from more than 100 countries around the world watch Lakewood Church’s weekly services. In fact, in 2006, Osteen already became popular as Barbara Walters included him as one of the “10 Most Fascinating People” that year. 

Osteen’s influence dubbed him as former presidential candidate John McCain’s most preferred inspirational author. Osteen’s popularity brought him inside the White House to join former President Barack Obama for a breakfast in 2010.


Joel Osteen’s preaching style follows a process of memorizing key points about his sermons. Sometimes, he listens to recordings and improves his ways of preaching. Osteen stressed the importance of looking at the goodness of God and living in obedience to His word rather than turning on sin. 

His preaching focuses on the principles of living a simple life as written in the Bible and spreading love to one another. Maintaining a positive outlook helps live a peaceful and meaningful life.

Osteen’s way of stressing importance with the goodness and mercy of the Lord is what made him an exceptional preacher. According to an interview, Osteen was asked why he doesn’t preach about hell and its terrible things. His answer was simple. The more we focus on the bad side, it soon becomes offensive and condemning.

It doesn’t matter how much sin you did in your life, sin is always a sin. But with the grace of God, forgiveness is always available for everyone. The act of preaching the goodness of the Lord will give hope to those who found no meaning in their lives. It will be the grace of God that will prevent someone from doing something bad after knowing God’s mercy for us. 


In 2004, Joel Osteen wrote his first book “Your Best Life Now: 7 Steps to Living at Your Full Potential.” It became “The New York Times Best Seller List” top-rated book. Three years after his first work, Osteen wrote his second book Become a Better YOU: 7 Keys to Improving Your Life Every Day. Like his original work, Osteen’s second book also became the best seller of The New York Times Best Seller List. Three million copies were dispensed and sold. Osteen’s work talks about ways to move forward in life and giving importance to your relationship with others.

Social Stand

Osteen avoids discussing controversial issues like abortion, gay marriage, and politics. His stand regarding gay marriage looks into the deeper aspect of homosexuality. According to him, homosexuality is a sin according to his understanding of the Scripture. However, if we focus more on the concept of homosexuality as a sin, it will condemn gay people.

Osteen said that being gay should not be condemned. The church is open to gay people. Instead of condemnation, teaching someone about what is written in the scripture will help them understand the concept of faith and religion. By doing so, a person will have the discernment of what is right and wrong. 

Joel Osteen Total Net Worth

Joel Osteen lives with his family in a 17,000 square foot mansion in River Oaks. The mansion is said to be about $10.5 million. Osteen said that he doesn’t want to get something from the church’s annual budget of $70 million as a senior pastor. He mostly relies on his sales from his books. Reportedly, Osteen has a net worth of about $40 to $70 million in 2017. To date, Joel Osteen has an estimated net worth of about $100 million.