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John Nash was an American mathematician who made a name for himself for his immense contributions to game theory, geometry, and equations. John David Stier was born to the mathematician as the first child, although Nash distanced himself while growing up, making him grow up without a father.

John David Stier had a troubled childhood, and he spent his early life in foster homes because his mother would not get jobs. John Stier reunited with his mother and father in his teens and had a close relationship with his father. If you are wondering what career John Stier pursued, you are in the right place. Continue reading to discover more details regarding John David Stier.

John David Stier Bio

John David Stier was born on June 19, 1953, in the United States of America. At the time of his birth, his parents were not together, and this resulted in John spending a few years in foster homes because his mother was having a hard time finding a job.

John David’s father was not in love while growing up, and this explains how John ended up as a nurse, a career his father was not proud of, as he wanted him to be a scientist.

John David Stier’s Parents

Eleanor Stier and John Nash were the parents of John David Stier. John Stier’s parents met at a hospital where his mother was working when she met John Nash. John Nash had worked at MIT for a year when he was hospitalized. He met the hospital nurse, Eleanor, and that is how their relationship started.

When Eleanor Stier revealed to Nash that she was pregnant, John Nash abandoned her, avoiding taking care of his child. It is believed that John Nash left Eleanor because of her status below his. Moreover, he disliked that Eleanor was from a lower-class status and lacked education.

John Forbes kept his relationship with Elenor a secret from his family until his son was born. Eleanor took care of her son as a single mom, and at times, John would be cared for by babysitters and foster homes.

John Forbes Nash moved on with his life, and in 1957, he married Alicia Lopez-Harrison, a Physicist. The couple welcomed their son John Charles Martin Nash, although he stayed without a name for a year because his mother felt the father was supposed to name the child.

John Forbes and his wife had stress dealing with John’s mental illness, and it resulted in a divorce in 1963. However, the couple reconciled in the 1990s and remarried in 2001.

How Was John David Stier’s Relationship with His Father?

John David had a poor relationship with his father growing up because his father abandoned him. However, during his teen years, they reconciled, developing a unique relationship.

When John David’s father died, he expressed how he was sad that his father had died in a tragic accident. Moreover, he told how his father was unique in his life and how he would miss him very much.