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John Wesley Braugher has been grabbing the limelight since his birth as the son of award-winning film and television actor Andre Braugher and actress Ami Brabson.

John Wesley Braugher’s Family

John’s father Andre Braugher and his mother Ami Brabson were a camera couple in “Homicide: Life on the Street” and soon became off camera couple after getting married on December 28, 1991. Even after years of marital relationship, they still have the same spark in their relationship and support each other through thick and thin. The talented couple is blessed with three sons, Michael Braugher, Isaiah Braugher, and John Wesley Braugher. Michael is the eldest son born in 1992, the second son Isaiah was born in 1996 and the youngest son John was born in 2003. The names Michael, Isaiah, and John are of Hebrew origin and have hidden meanings. In Hebrew, the name “Michael” means “who is like God”, the name “Isaiah” means “YAHWEH is salvation”, the name “John” means “Jehovah has been gracious” and his middle name ‘Wesley’, is of Old-English origin, means western meadow.

Andre’s sons maintain a low profile away from the spotlight and social media. They have very rare public appearances, so it is difficult to say much about their relationship status or their personal lives.

John Wesley Braugher’s Career &  Net Worth

Not much is known about John’s career or Net worth since he along with his brothers, maintains a low profile and is not socially involved. But their parents are known public figures and are in news quite a lot.

John’s father Andre Braugher is a well-established and very talented actor. Andre’s career began with the role of Detective Winston Blake in the television film “Kojak: Fatal Flow” in 1989. He bagged Critics Choice Award for the show Brooklyn Nine-Nine in 2016. He is known for his portrayal as Frank Pembleton in the series “Homicide: Life on the Street”.  Other works that got him nominated for various awards are  “Men of a Certain Age”, a comedy-drama television series, “Thief”, a crime drama thriller, “Frequency”, a science fiction thriller, “City of Angels”, a romantic fantasy, “The Andromeda Strain”, science fiction miniseries, “Gideon’s Crossing”, medical drama and so on. Andre never failed to amaze his audience of all ages.

John’s mother Ami Brabson is also a known actress for “Homicide: Life on the Street” and “Law & Order”. She is also into Theatre Plays but still chooses to stay away from the spotlight and lives a happy life with her sons and husband. Even after 30 years of marriage, the couple continues to be role models and provides couple goals. Andre Braugher is reported to have a Net Worth of $8 Million.