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Who is Josefina Salinas Lozano? Why do people seem so curious to know about her? And the answer is because of her celebrity sister everyone wants to know about Josefina Salinas Lozano. She is the real sister of Carmen Salinas. Through her sister, people come off as inquisitive about Josefina.

The upcoming segments of the article will convey every possible information about Josefina Salinas Lozano along with her net worth. However, the blog will also say a few sentences about her sister too.

Personal Life

Josefina Salinas Lozano was born in México. Her parents were Jorge Perez Tejada Salinas and Carmen Lozano Viramontes. She had a big family which consisted of his parents and siblings. Apart from this information, it was possible to grab much about Josefina’s personal life.

Josefina’s Sister And Her Net Worth

Carmen Salinas Lozano AKA Carmen Salinas was a Mexican actress, impressionist, and comedian. After having an established career as an actress she also stepped into the world of politics to serve her country and work for people. Additionally, Carmen was also an entrepreneur who had invested her capital in the theatrical field. When she got engaged in the political realm she was part of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) as an important member. Carmen was born on 5th October 1939 in Torreón, Coahuila, México.

After completing minimum education she sprints behind her dream of being an actress. In 1964 she confronted the camera as a fresh face for a television show which was directed by Ernesto Alonso. However, after her debut, she never looked back and gained much affection and love from the people. This insisted she collaborates with several talented actors and directors to appear in some incredible dramas and shows for the viewers. Some of the notable works of Carmen are La vecindad (The Neighborhood), La Frontera (The Border) and El chofer (The Chauffeur) and many more. In total Carmen Salinas appeared in more than 110 movies, along with 30 television shows or more than that.

In 2015 Carmen Salinas won a seat in the Chamber of Deputies for the LXIII Legislature of the Mexican Congress. The political leader who had never gone to college and had a minimum medication qualification put forward the topic of gender equality. Along with that, she had also taken care of the health commissions of the country.

Carmen Salinas tied a knot with Pedro Plascencia Ramírez in 1956 and the couple had a son soon after that. Pedro Plascencia was a famous music composer who composed some famous compositions for the Necaxa soccer club, Televisa’s newscasts Noticias ECO and so on. However, in 1979 the couple parted their ways and started new beings in each other’s life. Carmen lost her son on 19th April 1994 because of cancer.

Carmen Salinas had a net worth of 30 million dollars.

Josefina Salinas Lozano

Carmen Salinas’s Death

Carmen suffered from a cerebral haemorrhage on 11th November 2021. However, because of hypertension, the situation became worse and she ended up in a coma. At the age of 82 on 9th December 2021 in Mexico City, she took her last breath.

Josefina Salinas Lozano

Josefina Salinas Lozano’s Net Worth

According to sources, the net worth of Josefina Salinas Lozano is approximately 230 thousand dollars.


Hopefully, this much information about Josefina Salinas Lozano will help the reader to gain a precise idea about her.