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Joshua Kaleb Whitney is the adopted son of comedian actress Kym Whitney. Kym Whitney is a very famous and well-renowned artist with many fans all around the world. She is raising her boy Joshua with love and care. The boy stars in her mother’s own series named Raising Whitley. Joshua’s birth mother left him at the hospital. But luckily, he was adopted by Kym Whitley. She mentioned the boy has several allergies and with dedication, she cured her son with the help of the best doctors. She designed a shirt on which “Don’t Feed Me is Written”, this initiative was taken to spread awareness about protecting children from food poisoning and the T-Shirt made a good sales hit. Co-star of comedian actress Kim Whitney Rodney Van Johnson became the adoptive father of Joshua Kaleb Whitley and the father-kid relationship is very friendly.

The Early Life Of Joshua’s Mother Kym Whitely

Kym Whitley was born in Shaker Heights, Ohio. Kym Whitely studied at shaker high school and graduated from the University of Nashville. Kym played various comedy roles in her career. The important mentions are Beauty Shop, My Brother Me and he sparks, the parenthood, married, oh drama, that so Raven, Next Friday, the adults, the Brian McKnight show, let’s stay together as Charmaine wax, my kids, wife and curb your enthusiasm, etc and many more other successful works.

The Current Life Of Kym Whitley

Kym’s reality shows Raising Whitley appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Network and premiered on ABC family now as the fore form in 2014. She plays the role of a housekeeper and ran this show for five seasons. It ended in 2018. But another series named OWN is still going on and other seasons are coming.

Joshua’s mother joined the cast of the tv sitcom named Young and hungry that premiered on ABC family now. She starred as a guest in the web series the bay where she played bug, Candi. For this outstanding work, she received a Daytime Emmy award, nominated due to her outstanding and supporting in the digital daytime drama series.

In the year 2018, she guest-starred in the episode named thanksgiving from the web series named the master of none as Denise’s aunt Joyce. She was playing the sisters of the character named Aziz Ansari and Lena Waithe. She is a recurring guest host in the series named daily pop and nighty pop. And it has been running since December 2020.  Whitley has two older brothers, Kyle and Scott, who are the siblings of Joshua Kaleb Whitley.


So that was all about the celebrity kid life of Joshua Kaleb Whitley, his mother, and his father Rodney. As you can see when the mother left her son in the hospital the curse became a blessing for the child because of such good-hearted people like Rodney and Kyle. They haven’t disclosed not too many things about their children since they are kids and should be kept private from the limelight of the media which is sometimes very frustrating. The relationship between the parents and siblings is very good which makes it a very happy family.