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Judy Stewart-Merrill’s parents are James Stewart and Gloria Hatrick McLean. Having a famous actor and pilot as a father and an actress as a mother, she was born an American and is known for VIP-Schaukel (1971), Password (1961), and The Mike Douglas Show (1961).

Personal Information

James Maitland Stewart was a known American actor and pilot. His film career lasted from 1935 to 1991 during which he had 80 films shot. He was born and raised in Indiana, Pennsylvania and he started acting while he was a student at Princeton University. After his graduation, he became a stage actor in 1932. In 1935 he got his first supporting role and had his breakthrough in 1938.

Being a licensed amateur pilot, he enlisted in the Army Air Forces soon after the United States entered the Second World War. After that, he was raised to the rank of Colonel and received numerous awards for his service. Stewart did not marry until his forties, thus receiving the title of ‘Great American Bachelor’. But regardless of that, he had numerous romantic relationships prior to his marriage.

Judy’s mother, Gloria Hatrick McLean born on March 10, 1918, was an American actress and model. She was born to Edgar B. Hatrick of Larchmont, New York. Her family used to spend their summers at the Broadmoor hotel and resort. She attended the Finch School in New York and then spent two years studying drama at a drama school. She was married twice, first to Edward Beale McLean Jr. And the second to James Stewart on August 9, 1949.

She then adopted both of her children from the first marriage. Together, she and Stewart had twin daughters born on the 7th of May 1951, Judy and Kelly. The couple bought one house in Beverly Hills in 1951, where they lived for the rest of their lives. Judy Stewart-Merrill’s parents remained married until her mother’s death from lung cancer in 1994.

Family and Siblings

Judy Stewart-Merrill’s father was really guarded about his private life and he tended to avoid emotional connections in interviews. After Gloria’s death, he became even more reclusive and shut out most people from his life. He passed away in 1997, aged 89, surrounded by his children.

Judy has three siblings, her twin sister Kelly and her step-brothers Ronald and Michael.

She got married to Steven Merrill, an American lawyer, and Republican politician. Together they had two children, David Merrill, and John Merrill.

Education and Career

Though she is the daughter of famous personalities, information about her education hasn’t been disclosed. In terms of her career, she has been a part of VIP-Schaukel (1971), Password (1961), and The Mike Douglas Show (1961). Other than that, no other information is available.

Net Worth

No information is available about the actress’ net worth yet. The only information that is available to the public is that of her father’s and mother’s net worth.


Even though she is the daughter of a celebrity couple, and is an actress herself, much information isn’t available when it comes to her life, be it professional or personal. And as long as she herself comes out with information that she wants to be published, we do not have any way to know about her life, more than we already do.