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Kathy Gerrity is known thanks to her husband, Steve Doocy, an American television host. She has also made a name for herself in the media industry as a television reporter. Kathy Gerrity was born on May 24, 1956, in the United States, and despite being in the limelight as a television personality, little is known about her early life. She has not shared details of her parents or siblings.


Kathy Gerrity is an educated individual; she came from a middle-income family that valued education, and as such, when she came of age, she was enrolled in a local elementary school. After completing her primary education, she joined high school, graduating in 1974. While in high school, Kathy Gerrity actively participated in various activities. She was also in the journalism club, which allowed her to sharpen her communication skills.

After completing her high school education, Kathy Gerrity joined the University of Maryland for her undergraduate studies. She pursued a bachelor’s degree in journalism, graduating four years later.

Professional Life

In her professional life, Kathy Gerrity has done several works, including modeling; after completing her college education, she modeled for a while before moving into reporting. As a model, Kathy Gerrity appeared in various television commercials and worked with multiple agencies. As a journalist, Kathy Gerrity worked for ESPN as a sports reporter; it is unclear how long her career as a television personality lasted, and she probably stopped working as much due to her health.

Love Life

Kathy Gerrity met Steve Doocy at WRC-TV; they were working at the station and seemed to like each other. They became friends and soon started dating; after seeing each other for a while, the couple decided to make their relationship official. Kathy married her husband in 1986, and they have been together ever since. The couple has been together for over three decades and has three children: Peter, Sally, and Mary.

Kathy and her husband are happy and have supported each other since their union. Even in their low moments, the couple’s love for each other has grown stronger. There have been no rumors of separation or divorce, and the couple seems to be doing quite well.

Kathy is a Cancer Survivor

Kathy Gerrity was diagnosed with cancer in the 2010s; she had never thought she would ever have the disease, and it was quite a surprise when a doctor informed her that she had ocular melanoma. Kathy had visited a doctor in New Jersey to buy a pair of shades for a trip to Florida when she learned of her eye cancer. Afterward, she started her treatments, and it seems that the eye cancer was detected in the early stages, and the repercussions were reverted.

Charitable Causes

After she was diagnosed with eye cancer and as a cancer survivor, Kathy Gerrity devoted her life to making a positive impact in the lives of people, especially those battling cancer. Her eye cancer was an eye-opening ordeal for her, and since then, she has contributed to various charitable causes. She believes that cancer can be beaten if we support each other and with early detection of the condition.