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KeeLee Breeze Van Winkle is no one other than the daughter of American rapper and actor KeeLee Breeze Van Winkle. Let’s read about KeeLee, her life, parent’s, their success, and much more.

Brief Bio

KeeLee was born in 2000 in the United States of America. She is the daughter of Vanilla Ice and Laura Giaritta. Her father is an actor and rapper by profession and her mother is a businesswoman by profession. She is a Christian by faith. As she keeps her life private not much is known about her.

Social Media Presence

KeeLee is currently active on social media platforms. She is currently active on Instagram. By looking at her Instagram profile, it can be assumed that she doesn’t like to be in the limelight and keeps her life mysterious and secret. She stays away from the limelight and media. Moreover, she has kept her Instagram profile private to avoid media attraction and limelight. She is also present on X, formerly twitter but not active.

Glamorous Life

As KeeLee is the daughter of a celebrity and a businesswoman she lives her life in a very royal and glamorous way. She wears branded clothes which helps her to live a glamorous life in a very easy way.

Reason For Being Famous

KeeLee is very famous among the people and netizens because she is the daughter of a rapper, actor and a businesswoman. They themselves are famous and live in the limelight and that limelight helps her to be famous among the netizens and the people.

KeeLee’s Dad: Vanilla

KeeLee’s Dad Vanilla was born on 31 October 1967 in South Dallas, Dallas, Texas, United States. He is the son of Camilla Beth Dickerson and there is no information about his biological father. He attended RL Turner High School. He was brought up in Dallas and Texas.

In the initial years of his career, he was interested in car racing but due to an ankle injury he took a break. Then he started performing as a breakdancer at street and malls. He got a small fame by dancing at City Nights, South Dallas Nightclub. As a performer at City Lights, Ice opened up for N.W.A, Public Enemy, The D.O.C., Tone Lōc, 2 Live Crew, Paula Abdul, Sinbad and MC Hammer.

He released his first album with Tommy Quon named Play That Funky Music. He later joined SBK Records and they remixed the album Hooked under the title To the Extreme. His top selling hip hop item was Billboard 200. His genres are hip hop, rap rock, rap metal, and nu metal. He took a break from music from 1993 to 1996 and started doing jet skiing. Ice released his second album during this time but it did not get a response. He then resumed music in 1997 and released his third album named Hard to Swallow.

He also appeared in the TV shows like The Farm, The Surreal Life, The New Guy, etc. He released his fifth album named Platinum Underground. He recently appeared in the show Dancing with the Stars.

KeeLee’s Parents Love Life

KeeLee’s parents Vanilla and Laura married in 1997. They together have two daughters named Dusti and KeeLee. Unfortunately, due to some differences both divorced in 2019.


KeeLee is the loving daughter of his parents. It is inferred by her lifestyle that she does not like limelight and due to that she has not chosen his dad’s career path and is living her life happily away from limelight.