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People seem more curious when it comes to sneak peek into the life of any celebrity kid. The audience is very inquisitive to know how the busy celebrities are taking care of their children, along with every description of the little kids. Likewise, this time people have shown interest in the celebrity kid named Kenyon Jesse McMahon. However, it is known to everyone that he had got the eyes of the media and audience on him because of his wrestler father and producer mother.

As the time of the blog suggests the upcoming segments of it are all about Kenyon Jesse McMahon. However, the article will also convey a brief description of his parents, their net worth and so on.

Personal Life

Kenyon Jesse McMahon was born in March 2006 in the USA. His parents are Shane McMahon and Marissa Mazzola-McMahon. As his parents don’t feel comfortable conveying anything in front of the media so it’s not to gather much information about Kenyon Jesse McMahon. But it is quite obvious that this 16-year-old boy is a school-going one and might be engaged in several activities.

Kenyon’s Father And His Net Worth

Shane McMahon AKA Shane Brandon McMahon is a professional wrestler from America. Apart from this, he is also a businessman. However, he is well known for his incredible performances in WWE, as a wrestler. He was born on 15th January 1970 in Gaithersburg, Maryland, U.S. His parents were Vince McMahon and Linda McMahon. However, he had a family of four which consists of his parents and his younger sister. In 1987 he graduated from Greenwich High School. After this, he went to Boston University to gain a degree in communications. From his family, he is the fourth generation who had taken part in wrestling.

As a wrestler, he had gained a victory in several championships like the European Championship once, the Hardcore Championship once, the SmackDown Tag Team Championship once, and the WWE World Cup in 2018. After resigning from WWE Shane McMahon has turned up as a businessman. In recent years he stood up as the CEO of the entertainment service company YOU On Demand. Shane McMahon has a net worth of approximately 100 million dollars.

Kenyon Jesse McMahon

Kenyon’s Mother And Her Net Worth

Marissa Ann McMahon notable figure in the entertainment industry as a film producer. However, she was also a part of the former public relations as an agent and television host. She was born on 4th July 1973 in New York, New York, United States. This talented lady has finished her education at Greenwich Academy. Shane McMahon and Marissa Mazzola tied a knot on 14th September 1996, in presence of a few friends and family members. The couple has three children named Declan James McMahon, Rogan McMahon and Kenyon Jesse McMahon. According to sources, Marissa Mazzola-McMahon has a net worth of approximately 1.5 million dollars.

Kenyon Jesse McMahon

Kenyon Jesse McMahon’s Net Worth

Kenyon Jesse McMahon is a 16-year-old and doesn’t have any idea about how much hard work a person should do to make money. So at this moment talking about his net worth is inappropriate.

Kenyon Jesse McMahon


Hopefully, the above-mentioned input about Kenyon Jesse McMahon in the article will help the reader to gain knowledge about this star kid.