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Many people know Kevin Surrat as Traci Braxton’s husband. Unfortunately, Traci died, but her name remains respected as an American singer and reality TV personality. Kevin has also solidified a name for himself in different areas, and although he isn’t as famous as his late wife, there is plenty to know about him.

Biography and Early Life of Kevin Surratt

Kevin Suratt was born in 1965. He is an American, and his fame is thanks to being the husband of Traci Braxton. His wife was an American singer and a reality TV personality. Kevin is a professional producer and a reality TV star.

He is from Maryland, United States. Talking about his physical appearance, Kevin has dark brown eye color and black hair. As for religion, he is a Christian, and his ethnicity is Afro-American.

His biography is unclear since he didn’t share much of the required information, and many people only knew him after marrying Traci Braxton.

Education and Family

Kevin is an educated fellow. No information is available about where he studied for his primary and high school. However, sources state that he attended a local school in his home area before joining a private college.

Kevin was raised in an Afro-American family. His parents worked hard to provide for their children and secure a good life for them. Together with his siblings, Kevin was raised in a Christian setting. Although he is an American, he appreciates his African descent.

Marriage and Relationship

Kevin has been married once so far. He met the love of his life, Traci Braxton, and after dating, they married on August 31, 1996. The couple remained together for 25 years, but his wife died on March 12, 2022. His death is attributed to an esophageal cancer that she suffered from.

Kevin’s wife died aged 50 years, and news about her death was announced by her sister on her Instagram post. Besides, Kevin also shared the news on his Instagram, talking about how heartbroken the news about his wife’s death had made him. During this time, Kevin and his wife Traci had a son, Kevin Surratt Jr.

Kevin’s Career and Net Worth

Unfortunately, Kevin is not one to share much information about himself and his life with the public. Thus, our efforts to dig into his career met limited success. Nonetheless, we know that Kevin is a reality TV personality and a producer.

For instance, he has appeared on the Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars that aired in 2014. The show mainly focuses on celebrity couples who attempt to spark their relationship. Kevin was in the show with his wife, Traci, and they did an excellent job. The show also helped them rekindle their love while acting.

Kevin has also worked as a producer. For instance, he produced the Great Day Washington project. He is also a co-producer for The Champ is Here, the episode aired on July 26, 2019. Kevin has accumulated a net worth of about $1.2 million from his career.