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When is the release of Kingdom season three? This Korean horror, thriller, and political Tv series received global attention after the first two seasons. Airing on Netflix, Kingdom has fans from all parts of the world.

So, as a fan of this Tv series, you are keenly waiting for the third season. All you need to know is the release date, the cast, and the plot of season three.

Without taking much of your time, let’s start.

About Kingdom

The storyline of Kingdom is from a manga called the Kingdom of the Gods. Kim Eun-hee wrote this manga series. The illustrations on the manga were by Yang Kyung-il.

Season one of Kingdom premiered on Netflix on 25th January 2019. Due to its thrilling plot, many fans fell in love with the series. This prompted the producers to renew it for season two, which was on 13th March 2020.

Each season has six episodes totalling twelve episodes. An extra or special episode named Ashin of the North will be released this year (2021). This doesn’t mean that season three will not be renewed but let’s be patient.

Kingdom Season Three Renewal Status



It is now nine months after the premiere of the second season of Kingdom. But till today, there are no updates from Netflix if there will be a third season.

Due to positive remarks from fans, we are confident that season three is on the way. This is more evident after the announcement of a new episode (Ashin of the North) to debut in 2021.

The speculations about season three have been further fueled by the series writer Kim Eun-hee. This is during an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. During the interview, she said that the Tv series gives her more energy to continue writing. This is because the cast and crew members have the best chemistry. Lastly, she said if fans love the series, she would even develop it to the tenth season.

Additionally, according to reports on Soompi, Kim says that Jun Ji Hyun will take a central role alongside the main characters from the previous seasons. This report makes me believe that season three is on the way.

But up to this time, we can neither confirm if there will be Kingdom season three.

Season Three Release Date

I understand that you would like to know the actual release date of season three. But as I informed you earlier, the third season hasn’t been renewed. But as per speculations doing rounds on the web, season three is on the making.

If the reports are correct, then we don’t expect its release early this year. The probable release period is late 2021.

The Plot of Kingdom Season Three

We are likely to see a continuation of season two in the third season.

In the final episode of season two, Prince Chang Lee, the Crown Prince of Joseon, is preparing for the final battle against the zombies. This is after Kim Hye-jun (the queen of Joseon) let the zombie into the Kingdom.

This is due to the tussle with Chang over the Kingdom’s leadership. To prevent deaths in Joseon, Ju Ji-hoon and his friends go to the rooftop and cut their palms. This is to attract the zombies away from the palace.

But as they do that, the zombies attack Seo-bi and fellow guards. During the confrontation, Seo-bi escapes with a child, but the queen is killed. Chang attracts the zombies and freezes them beneath the ice.

After that, the Crown Prince returns to the palace and finds it destroyed. On his return, he meets with Seo-bi, but on realization, they find out that a zombie bit the baby. Chang is shocked and removes his sword, ready to kill the child. Seo-bi reminds him of this childhood, and they remove the worm.

At the end of the final episode, we see Chang Lee and Seo-bi look for an unknown woman selling a resurrection plant. This was to enable them to find the person who led to the zombie attack.

So, without a clear ending and many unanswered questions, we expect a continuation of this plot to the third season.

Will They Find Cure to the Plague?

Everyone is waiting to see if Seo-bi will discover the cure to the plague. This is after Seo-bi has spent more than seven years researching for a cure. They find out that if you submerge an affected person under ice-cold water on the road to find the treatment, it kills the worms.

She finds out that the worms survive in warm conditions but die in cold conditions. Affected people become dormant during summer and spring and become active during autumn and winter.

Her research at the moment is with Cho Beom-Pal if the zombie outbreak resurfaces.

Wrap Up

What we expect in season three is the same number of episodes and a continuation of the plot. If we get any new updates about the release of Kingdom season three, be sure that you will be the first to know. Thank you for your time.