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Kristin Luckey is the ex-partner of American singer and songwriter Billy Ray Cyrus. During their time together, the two love birds had a son named Christoper Cody Cyrus, an actor. Kristin has kept a low profile, and little about her is known; her date of birth is unclear, but she was born in 1962.

Relationship with Billy Ray Cyrus

Kristin Luckey started a romantic relationship with singer Billy Ray Cyrus in the early 1990s; they seemed to be fond of each other, and Kristin thought their relationship would move on to the next stage. After dating for some time, Kristin Luckey became pregnant and was happy that she would become a mother. Soon after giving birth to her son, Kristin Luckey discovered that Billy was in another relationship and was expecting a child.

Kristin had learned of this news through TV; she was watching an interview in which Billy mentioned that she was a father to a son and he was expecting a daughter with Tish. Kristin was so angry on hearing this news given that, at the time, they were dating, and she thought that what they had was serious.

Even though Kristin Luckey was disturbed by this news, she continued talking with Billy, hoping they would marry someday. Things became more challenging for Kristin when Billy mentioned on TV that he would marry Tish. After some time, Kristin and Billy agreed to move on.

Is Kristin Luckey Married?

After things failed to work with Billy Ray Cyrus, Kristin Luckey started dating a man band, Mark Sorine. After dating for a while, they decided to exchange their wedding vows in a private wedding ceremony attended only by family and close friends. Kristin is believed to still be with her husband, with whom they share a daughter named Ali.

Education and Professional Career

Kristin Luckey’s educational background is little known, but she is an educated woman. Kristin is at least educated up to high school; it is unclear whether she joined college and, if she did, which course she pursued.

Moving on to her professional life, Kristin Luckey has not revealed much of what she does to earn a living. She is probably in the business sector, but this is unverified information as she has not set the record straight in what she is currently up to.

Her Son

Kristin Luckey’s son seemed to have followed in his father’s footsteps and ventured into the entertainment industry as an actor and not a musician. Christopher has had an estranged relationship with his father, and this is because he does not have a close relationship with the Cyrus family.

At one point, Kristin’s son complained about why he was involved in a reality series that featured most of his half-siblings. Besides, he complained that he rarely got calls from his father and rarely saw his sister, Miley Cyrus. Christopher seems to have a strained relationship with his father, and maybe it is something his mother, Kristin Luckey, can help him mend.