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Lauren Kutner is an artist by profession but she is famed for being a celebrity spouse. Read further to find out more about the life of this celebrity spouse and discover more about her profession and family.

Personal Life and Family

Lauren Kutner was born in Los Angeles, California, United States of America. She is an American by descent. She met her husband, Jason Dohring and the duo dated for a good while before tying the knot on July 7th 2004. They have been married together for over 15 years, and have four children, one son and three daughters together. Their daughters are Ainsley Mae Dohring, Isley Avely Dohring and Lily Dohring and her son is Pwen Riley Dohring.


Lauren Kutner is an artist by profession, she began experimenting with art in her teenage years. She mostly specializes in fine art and uses oil and charcoal in her work crafting art pieces such as portraits, still life and plein air landscapes. One can view her art portfolio at her website

Her Husband Jason Dohring

Jason William Dhoring is a Hollywood actor, more specifically, he is a voice, television and stage actor. He was born on March 30, 1982, in Toledo, Ohio, United States of America. He was born to a millionaire, Dough Dohring and Laurie Dohring.

Jason began his acting career in 1994, he however rose to fame in 2004 because of his role as Logan Echolls in the television series Veronica Mars.  He is otherwise best known for his roles in Moonlight as Josef Kostan, Ringer as Adam Carpenter, The Originals as Detective Will Kinney, and iZombie as Chase Graves. He has lent his voice to the character of Terra for the Kingdome of Hearts franchise.

He has acted in several other movies like Deep Impact, Train Quest, Black Cadillac, The Deep Below, Struck, Search for Sonny, Veronica Mars, The Squeeze, You Are Here and Violet. The Moral Instruments: the City of Heavenly Fire is an audiobook that has been co-narrated by Jason Dohring alongside Sophie Turner.

Facts about Lauren Kutner and her Family

  • Lauren Kutner’s father-in-law is a well-established businessman in the United States of America. He is the founder, CEO and Executive Chairman of Age of Learning. Inc. The organization is an educational company that designs and puts forth educational programs for children aged from 2 to 8 years.
  • The Dohring Company owned by her father-in-law was the market research in charge behind the famous ice cream brand Baskin Robbins.
  • Lauren Kutner’s mother-in-law, Lauri Dohring is the co-founder of a company named Neopets, Inc. The company is co-owned by her husband Doug Dohring as well.
  • The Kutners firmly believe in Scientology. Lauren’s husband credits his success to Scientology.
  • The Kutners live in Los Angeles, United States of America in their farmhouse surrounded by fruit trees, chickens and beehives.
  • Lauren Kutner’s husband’s siblings are all child actors themselves as well.


Lauren Kutner is one such celebrity spouse who has decided to live her life away from media glare, hence not much is known about her private life. But, from available information, one can understand that she is a talented and creative artist, along with being a doting mother and a supportive wife.