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This young star has quite the fan following on social media. Despite her age, she has captured the attention of several netizens over the internet because of her lineage.

Early Life

Leiah Breanna Chapman  is the daughter of Leland Blane Chapman and his ex-girlfriend Lynette Yi. The former has risen to stardom due to his role in ‘Dog the Bounty Hunter’. She was born on 5th September, 2010.


Leiah is the youngest child of Leland. She has two older half siblings, Dakota Chapman and Cobie Chapman. These children are from Leland Chapman’s previous marriage with Maui Chapman. Her father is currently together with Jamie Pilar Chapman. Her mother is married to Jason Ridge.

Leiah Breanna Chapman

Relationship With Her Mother

This beautiful little girl has an amazing relationship with her mother. They have a beautiful bond. Leiah was her mother’s maid of honor at the wedding. Their bond is something often netizens adore about the little girl. Leiah is also an amazing Tahitian dancer. She showcased her talent at Lynette’s wedding. Lynette was very proud of her daughter. They share a very special bond. Leiah is growing up to be an amazing daughter.

Leiah Breanna Chapman

Relationship With Her Father

Leiah has an amazing relationship with her father as well. Leiah is also adored by her step-mother Jamie Pilar Chapman. She loves hanging out with them and spends quality time with them. Several pictures on social media showcase this loving family. Leiah is very lucky to have the best of both worlds and to be loved the way she is.

More Interesting Details

Leiah has a beautiful name. ‘Leiah’ is the variant of the name ‘Leah’ which means Weary. ‘Leiah’ has Hebrew origin. ‘Breanna’ however is an American name. It means Noble and strong which definitely suits the little girl.


Any future plan regarding this young, adorable girl’s future hasn’t been disclosed yet. Her family is staying very tight lipped about it but it can be hoped that she will get the proper education from a prestigious school and college of her choice in the future.

Personal Life And Social Media Presence

Despite being born into stardom, Leiah has maintained a strict privacy regarding her personal life. She does not have an Instagram account that is known and she has maintained her presence of a sweet child in the media. She does not discuss her personal matters online hence a lot of people speculate whether she is single or not. However, she has maintained her privacy through and through and any change in that in the foreseeable future is not expected.

Net Worth

It is hard to estimate her net worth due to the lack of information. However, it is known that the net worth of Leland is $2 million dollars. It can be assumed that the young budding star will choose to live her life in a way that makes her happy and her parents will be there to support her through it.


Leiah is a sweet child born in a loving family. Even if her parents decided to go their separate ways, they come together to make sure she is loved, adored, cherished and taken care of. She has a bright future ahead of us and her talent as a dancer is something to be cultivated. Her future seems bright and she is growing up into a beautiful young lady with the love she is receiving.