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Letterkenny is among the most popular sitcoms in Canada, created by Jared Keeso. Jacob Tierney and Keeso primarily wrote it and filmed in Letterkenny, a supposed rural town in Canada. It features people’s lifestyle in Ontario, a small rural community. The main economic activity of sitcom people is running a farm and selling its produce.  First aired in 2016, it is currently in season nine, which aired recently for worldwide viewers. This season premiered on 26th December 2020.  

Season 9 of Letterkenny has received many positive reviews, mainly due to its small-town life and dry humor approach.  Its storyline and actor performances have also made it win several accolades and awards. Before season 9 premiered, many fans were curious about how many episodes the season would air. 

Here is everything you need to know about Letterkenny season nine.

Number of Episodes in Season Nine

The previous episodes of Letterkenny all have about seven episodes each. Season nine is not an exception; it also has seven episodes each. According to IMDb, they all have a different title and official descriptions.

  • Episode 1: American Doe and Buck
  • Episode 2: Kids with Problems
  • Episode 3: Scorched Earth
  • Episode 4: Mitzvah
  • Episode 5: Sleepover
  • Episode 6: Breastaurant
  • Episode 7: NDN NRG

Letterkenny Season Nine Cast

Most of the characters from the previous seasons maintain their role in Letterkenny season nine.  Jared Keeso retains his position as Wayne, Michelle Mylett as Katy, Nathan Dales as Daryl, Dylan Playfair as Reilly, K.Trevor Wilson as Squirrelly Dan, Tyler Johnson as Stewart, and Andrew Herr as Jonesy.

Letterkenny Cast


As the show progresses, you will also get to see other new characters in different episodes. 

Letterkenny Season Nine Outline

Letterkenny season nine picks out from the last episode with mixed reactions. None of the YouTube shows of Letterkenny has been as evident as this season. It feels much more like an extensive series of an unrelated outline than a continuous collection of episodes. All elements in this season, the skids, the farmers, the hockey players, name them, contribute to the show’s greatness. Besides the occasional humor, the wordplay is also intact. So is the equal opportunity to appreciate hot people, sexual positivity, LGBTQ, female-empowerment, and a friendly environment. There is a lot to love about the show; even at its most boring episodes, it is for sure better when it’s better.

The Storyline

This season starts with Katy rapping or reciting a poem, as it flashes back to her relationship with Dierks, an uncertain guy who was clearly cheating on her. Along with Katy are her brother Wayne and their mutual friends who have plans to fight Deriks. No doubt, season 9 picks up slightly before some ass-kicking takes place.

It is later revealed that the team of 14 Canadians crossed the border and visited the U.S to attend a wedding engagement fundraiser or a Buck and Doe after the cold opened. While sitting at a dinner table rejoicing in victory, eight muscular men confront them because they beat Deriks, who apparently is the leader’s cousin. They exchange verbally for almost three minutes. The argument only gets silly since the Canadians continue sitting and teasing the American guys. Finally, the diner fight starts with slow-motion shots.

At Ben and Jen’s Buck and Doe, you get to see the team once more. Katy is searching for a rebound after breaking up with Derik and is eyeing several men who have attended the event. She settles for a scorched Earth dating strategy and can’t wait to take it down. The almost shirtless men that Kate plans to approach have a lengthy and heated conversation about some strategies used by the U.S military to acquire dental records through cameras and bizarre theories. Dancing takes place towards the end, and the Canadians finally return to Letterkenny.

As the season comes to an end, Daryl, Wayne, Squirrely Dan, and Katy proceed with their daily adventures. Besides attending the Buck and Doe in America, they dive deeply into Judaism and participate in sleepover activities, not forgetting girl talks. Could there be a better way to celebrate all the euphoria than, in a charming outdated way, the accepted Letterkenny drinking challenge?

Bottom Line

No matter how slow Letterkenny is, there is always something worth watching it, even if it’s just the familiar faces you used to know. 

Whether you have been watching and you’re catching up with the new episodes, or you just started watching the entire series, mind giving it a bottoms-up? After all, you don’t intend to be rude, but you can’t afford to mess up with tradition. And is there a better tradition without beers, a festivity, and Letterkenny? Now go and enjoy the show and don’t forget to recommend it to your friends.