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Libby Gaskin is the wife of retired American professional kickboxer and boxer Eric Esch, better known by his fans as Butterbean. She was born in the late 1960s but has not revealed much about her parents and siblings. Libby has been on the ladder of most netizens thanks to her husband Eric; some fans were asking who the wife of the former heavyweight fighter is, and Libby’s name has been resurfacing on the internet.

Personal Life

Libby and her husband met when they were young; they were both teens, and their love for each other was unmeasurable. It is unclear how they met, probably through school, but they made their relationship official in 1984. The couple tied the knot on December 14 of that year in the presence of their family and friends.

Libby Gaskin and her husband have been together for nearly four decades and have always been in love. Besides, they are parents to three grown children named Caleb, Grace, and Brandon. Her sons Caleb and Brandon have also tried a career as boxers.

Professional Life

Libby has been a homemaker for most of her lifetime. But she has been very supportive of her husband’s professional career. Libby always pushed her husband to work in training and the ring. Besides being a mother and a wife, Libby is also a restaurant owner; she partnered with her kids to start a restaurant in Alabama, which she helps run.

Given her husband’s nature of work, Libby did not have to work any day of her life. Her husband enjoyed much success as a boxer, kickboxer, and wrestler. However, following her husband’s retirement, Libby had to start doing something that would generate some finances for the family, and she has been active in the restaurant business ever since.

Her Husband

Things were not so great for Libby’s husband growing up; his classmates often bullied him due to his weight. Things even got worse for him when he lost his mother. It is unclear if he completed his high school studies, but after getting married, he started working at an energy plant in Alabama to provide for his family.

While working, his colleagues asked him to join a local Toughman Contest, which he won. Soon after, he decided to venture into a career in boxing, wrestling, and martial arts. His boxing career started on a high note after winning the Toughman Contest. Afterward, Libby’s husband went on to win the Toughman Heavyweight Championships five times.

Libby’s husband enjoyed much success in his boxing career; he also ventured into wrestling, working with various promotional brands before his retirement in 2012. After his retirement, Libby’s husband appeared in some shows, including the documentary Big Law: Deputy Butterman.

Libby’s husband has had a tremendous impact in the wrestling, boxing, kickboxing, and martial arts industry and is hopeful his sons will continue his legacy.

Social Media

Libby Gaskin is not so media-shy. As such, she sometimes shares pictures of herself and her family and loved ones on her social media platforms, especially on Instagram, where she has a considerable following.