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Living with Yourself is an American comedy-drama series which was originally released on Netflix on October 18, 2019 is going to have a new season!

The dark existential dramedy series starring Paul Ruff and Aisling Bea follows the story of Miles Elliot who has it all but is unhappy with his life. He then had a mysterious spa treatment and discovered that he has been replaced by a clone version of himself. 

The season 1 series had eight episodes overall and it has been almost a year since the first release of season 1. The show is neither canceled or renewed by Netflix. Fans are now curious to how things would be next for the main character Miles Elliot and his clone Miles Elliot.

The finale of season 1 showed us the Miles has finally realized that he wants to get his life back and fight for it. Upon finding out that the clone version of himself had a get it on with Kate, Miles swore to kill Miles 2.0. Original Miles has come to his senses and realized that he loved his life and even loved his clone as well. Kate announced that she is pregnant and that she doesn’t know who the father is. Then the three of them hug. The last scene of season 1 left with so many questions.

Living With Yourself season 2, we can look forward to this particular plot on its future episode regarding the pregnancy of Kate. Who is the father? Is it the original Miles or the clone Miles? No one knows yet!

There’s certainly an exciting storyline for season 2 as the trio will explore how things are when the baby comes out. Aside from the pregnancy and parenting storyline, there’s also about the relationship between the main characters Miles, the clone Miles, and Kate. Will the feelings of Kate change for Miles 2.0? Who knows! Fans are waiting for the progress of the show.

Here’s what you need to know so far about Living With Yourself Season 2.

Living With Yourself Season 2 Movie cast

It is expected that the main cast would return for season 2. We could expect some recurring roles in season 1 to appear in season 2 and we can expect to see new characters in the next season. 

Paul Rudd plays the role of Miles Elliot and the clone Miles Elliot. Miles Elliot who had it all but is feeling that something is missing in his life. He undergoes a mysterious spa treatment in hopes of feeling better in his life but ends up discovering that he has been replaced by a clone, a version of himself. Paul Rudd also serves as one of the executive producers of the show.

Aisling Bea plays the role of Kate Elliot who is an interior architect and the wife of Miles Elliot. Kate has been waiting for several years to have a baby and her husband, Miles, has been missing his baseline fertility appointment.

Desmin Borges plays the role of Dan. Dan is Miles’ co-worker and is the one who referred Miles to the mysterious spa, Top Happy Spa. The spa is responsible for cloning Miles.

Karen Pittman plays the role of Lenore Pool. Lenore is the boss of Miles and is disappointed with the performance of Miles at work. Lenore is then surprised when Miles showed up at work like a new man, but it’s literally the new version of Miles.

Rob Yang plays the role of Youngsu. Youngsu is an employee of Top Happy Spa which is a secret cloning company fronting as a Spa.

James Seol plays as Jung-Ho. Jung-Ho is also an employee of Top Happy Spa. Fan fact: Jung-Ho is James Seol’s first television role.

Zoe Chao plays the role of Kaylyn. Kaylyn is the co-worker of Miles and has a crush on the new version of Miles, the clone Miles.

Ginger Gonzaga plays the role of Meg. Meg is the business partner of Kate at their architecture and remodeling firm.

Joseph Bessette plays the role of Jerry. Jerry is also the co-worker of Miles. Alia Shawkat plays the role of Maia. Maia is the half-sister of Miles and is amused by the 2.0 version of Miles.

The other actors of Living With Yourself are Jon Glaser who played as Henry; Emily Young who played as the Mousy co-worker; Eden Malyn who played as Margaret; Gabrielle Reid who played as another co-worker; Gene Jones who played as farmer Ray; Zach Cherry who played as Hugh, and Tom Brady who played as himself.

The show has several executive producers such as Timothy Greenberg, Anthony Bregman, Jeff Stern, Jeffrey Blitz, Tony Hernandez, Jonathan Dayton, Valerie Faris, and including Paul Rudd. Written by Timothy Greenberg. Directed by Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris.

Living With Yourself Season 2 Release date

The date for the release of season 2 has not yet been announced or confirmed. If the show is given the green light then we could expect it to be released soon. How exciting!

Things to know about Living With Yourself

The series has a positive rating of 81% with an average of 7.15/10 based on the website of Rotten Tomatoes. Generally, the Living With Yourself series has favorable reviews. The season 1 of the show has 8 episodes namely: The Best You Can Be, Made in a Strip Mall, Green Tea, Soul Mate, Va Bene, Neighbors and Friends, Piña Colada, and Nice Knowing You.

Living With Yourself has been nominated in the 2020 Golden Globes Awards for Best Actor-Television Series Musical or Comedy for Paul Rudd, nominated in the 2020 Critics’ Choice Television Awards for Best Actor in a Comedy Series for Paul Rudd, nominated in the Visual Effects Society Awards for Outstanding Supporting Visual Effects in the Photoreal Episode for Jay Worth, Jacqueline VandenBussche, Chris Wright, and Tristan Zerafa, nominated in the 2020 Writers Guild of America Awards for Episodic Comedy for Timothy Greenberg.