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Logan Paul is a popular internet personality, an actor, a YouTuber, a podcaster, and a boxer by profession. His podcast by the name “Impaulsive” has become popular and gained a lot of audience in recent times, crossing over 2.7 million followers on just YouTube. He started his career by posting some of his sketches on the “Vines” app. He then created a YouTube channel in 2013 and named it “TheOfficialLoganPaul”. He is one of the most influential people on social media sites, in the present times. 

Personal Details:

Full Name: Logan Alexander Paul
Stage Name: Logan Paul
Gender: Male
Birthday: April 1, 1995
Place Of Origin: Westlake, Ohio, United States of America
Age: 26 years
Height: 6 feet
Weight: 85 kg
Nationality: American
Sexual orientation:  Straight
Profession: YouTuber, actor, social media influencer,
Total Net Worth: $19 million

How much Logan Paul Net Worth

Early life:

Born on April 1, 1995, in Westlake, Ohio, United States of America, Logan Paul AKA Logan Alexander Paul is one of the most popular YouTubers in the world. Jake Paul, who is his younger brother, is quite famous on social media. Logan has been creating Youtube videos from the age of 10 years. He had his own YouTube channel called Zoosh, where he posted these videos.

He played football for the Westlake High School football team and was an All-Star linebacker for the team. He also got involved in wrestling in his school days and won awards at state-level competitions. For his further studies, he got himself enrolled in the Ohio University to pursue engineering. In just one year (from 2013 to 2014) his followers increased from 900 followers to 1.5 million. On the Vine app, he was nothing less than a celebrity. To approach his career as a YouTuber in a more serious way, he left Ohio University and went to Los Angeles. 

Personal life:

Paul shared an apartment with celebrities like Mark Dohner, Evan Eckenrode, Juanpa Zurita, Amanda Cerny, and Andrew Bachelor, in 2015. They lived in Hollywood and having shared an apartment, we’re close to each other. They, therefore, collaborated on several videos that were posted on different channels owned by them.

In 2017, Paul had shifted his base to Encino, where he lived for quite some time. He went on the records to confirm his dating rumors with Chloe Bennet, an actress by profession, in the month of July 2018. The couple had started dating in 2017 but took a year to accept their relationship before the world. Just three months after accepting their relationship, the couple separated in September 2018. Logan Paul is colorblind. He cannot see the colors red and green.

In 2020, Logan went official with Josie Canseco about their relationship. Josie was the daughter of Jose Canseco, a renowned basketball player. The couple went through a rough patch in their life and once the patch up happened, Paul bought a horse for Josie. He even posted a video on YouTube titled, “I Bought My Girlfriend A Horse.” In the video, both of them can be seen riding a horse and Paul says,  “100% yours. Even if we break up, you can keep them.”


Logan Paul took all his vines and made a compilation video out of them. He then posted it on his YouTube channel, in 2014. The video became extremely popular and got four million views in just one week. After the release of the video, he got  4 million followers on the Vines app. His popularity was increasing at a rapid rate and he was soon approached by brands like HBO, Pepsi, Virgin Mobile, and several others to make paid videos for them. He was ranked 10th in the list of most influential Vine personalities in 2015. All the videos that he had posted, earned him a lot of money. 

After the vines app was brought down by its makers, Paul started uploading his videos on YouTube. Talking about his popularity and reach in the present time, most of his videos have more than 5 billion views. He also has a lot of followers on social sites. He has 16 million followers on Instagram, 15 million fans on Facebook, and 20 million subscribers on Youtube.

Logan Paul Net worth:

Apart from his videos on youtube and his vines, Logan Paul is also a boxer. He is a very famous social media influencer, with millions of people following him. He holds a net worth of $19 million. His YouTube has approximately 20 million followers (or even more than that). One of his most popular podcasts was “Impaulsive”, which won him a lot of views and followers. The podcast was aired in 2018.

End Note:

Talking about how one must be to be easily approachable by people and to let people feel free to relate with you and find themselves comfortable around you, he said, “The issue is sometimes when people are themselves, like, what if you suck, you know? There’s a good chance you’re not gonna resonate and not be relatable to people. You gotta be a goodhearted, positive person. And a lot of YouTubers I’ve met anyways are.” 

He even shared his opinion on money, its importance, and his perspective on happiness. Talking about the same, he asserted, “I try not to live my life thinking about money because money doesn’t make me happy.” 

As an influencer, he has said some eye-opening statements. Apart from his profession of making people laugh, he can also make them think. One of his statements that were highly impactful was,  “There’s a difference between being culturally insensitive – being insensitive towards a culture – and being insensitive.”

Talking about the women in his life, the ones that he has dated and been around, he shared how they did not have a very good impression of him at first. He said, “So most girls I date – actually, all of them – say this. Every girl I end up dating, there’s like a couple of things. One, they hate me at first.”