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Love stories are indeed worth reading and watching. If you are romantic by heart and feelings, then you might love watching Love Alarm on Netflix. It is a Korean web series with a good cast. It surrounds the life of a high school girl, who is much glued to an app on mobile, where she could get notification about someone with romantic thoughts living nearby at 10 meters.

It is the first drama chosen by the network Netflix. Season 1 of Love Alarm started two years ago in August. The reason why you should watch is because of its top ratings on Netflix. The renewal of season 2 had also been planned in 2019 October, but due to global pandemic COVID-19, it got delayed. And now it is expected to release in the current year (2021) in March. Let us know more about this show, and when the release of its second season is expected. 

Show Details 

TV series: Love Alarm
Genre: Romance
Based on:  Love Alarm by Chon Kye-young
Developed by:  Jiyoung Park
Place Of Origin: South Korea
Star cast: Kim So-hyun, Jung Ga-ram, & Song Kang
Original language: Korean
Seasons: 1
Episodes:  14

Love Alarm Season 2 release date

Story Plot

Love Alarm as the name comes, definitely makes all of us believe it is the romance of two people. But let me tell you the concept of the show is not confined to only love but also sheds light on the influence of the digital world in the lives of people. This also includes chasing love. 

The story is conceptualized around a mobile app, which helps detect someone with romantic feelings for the user. It indicates the notification by ringing if anyone living nearby is 10 meters away. But this app does not reveal in-depth information about the person. The app does provide the exact figure of romantic people who like the user.  

The story of Love Alarm features a student, named Jo-Jo from high school. When she was a child, her parents died. Jo-Jo then grew up in the family of her aunt. Then comes another character Hwang Oh. He belongs to an affluent family. Coming to his appearance, he is very good-looking and handsome. 

Owing to his attractive personality, he is a famous model. Still, he does not get ample love from his mother and father. In school, he seems to be a star. Being handsome, he is prone to continuous alarm ringing, which shows he is admired by many. When he finds Jo-Jo on the alarm, he develops a special feeling for her. 

And then comes another entry, who also loves Jo-Jo. He is HeeYoung, a sober and studious guy, who gets much affection and love from his mother. He is aware of the fact that his friend Hwang Oh is very interested in the girl Jo-Jo, so he chooses to bottle up his feelings. 

When Love Becomes Complicated

Continuing to the story of Love Alarm, the love becomes much more complicated for Hwang, HeeYoung, and of course the girl, Jo-Jo. And so the story of the latter romantic web series follows with a series of emotional ups and downs in the life of these three love trios. 

The first season of Love Alarm finishes in big suspense. During the final phase, it shows the characteristics of the mobile app, Love Alarm. In the opening, it shows a person named Brian revealing to the world about the newly added element in the app that would help people in speculating about a person having romantic feelings for them, or maybe not. 

The mobile app causes madness everywhere. Now the question is will it result in many negative results through its add-on feature? Will it make love more complicated?

What grabs the most attention is the decision taken by the girl Jo-Jo. It will be interesting to know about whom she chooses by ringing an alarm. Several questions pop up like if Jo-Jo chooses an option away from the app, then will it go in the right direction? Will she be happy with her decision in choosing a man whom she thinks is perfect to love her? Will she be changing her decision? 

If suppose Jo-Jo chooses Hwang as her initial love, then will it affect the bonding between two best friends? Another question that triggers is will HeeYoung sacrifice his love for the sake of friendship? So these are many questions which you might find in the upcoming second season. 

Release Date Of Love Season 2

The first season of Love Alarm came in 2019 in August. It aired on the network Netflix. The episodes of this web-series run around 45 minutes. This series will be seen by international viewers. 

The latter South Korean web series is the first one to be streamed on the popular network, Netflix. Well, you might not be knowing that it could have been released earlier, which means in 2018. 

But due to constant issues in scheduling, the release of the romantic series finally shifted to the next year, and so it made its debut in 2019. What seems to be surprising is most Korean drama shows have gained much popularity on Netflix. 

And people are liking them too. Love Alarm becomes the latest one to join the brigade of other romantic Korean series. Another exciting thing to note is none of these Korean dramas remained limited to only season 1. 

So now, of course, you will be excited to know whether we will be able to see the future events taking place between the love trios in the second season or not? So the answer is an absolute YES for sure. 

Love Alarm: Not A Limited Series

I would like to tell you that the concept of the romantic web series Love Alarm is not limited. It will be surprising if it does end only the first season. Another reason is the webtoon on which the series is made has around a hundred and sixty chapters. 

Now that’s become evident to the fact that show makers won’t be ending it too soon but will come up with more seasons. But first, let us expect the second season of Love Alarm to release in 2021.