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Lyriq Najm is the daughter of popular American songwriter, singer, and record producer Faheem Rashad Najm. You’re probably wondering who this is… it’s T-pain! Many fans do not know this but, T-pain is Bahamian and grew up in a Muslim haousehold. Hence his name, but he didn’t have an interest in the religion and eventually towed a separate path.

Everyone knows about different singles and the artist’s impeccable use of autotune. But what many people do not know about is his personal life. To find out about his daughter Lyriq Najm and other details, keep reading!


As indicated earlier, Lyriq Najm is the daughter of singer Faheem Najm (T Pain) and Amber Najm. Even though there’s limited information about her birth date, this happy birthday post by mamapain was posted on the 12th of March. So there’s a possibility of her birth date. Nevertheless, it doesn’t give us a clear answer to her age.

As for her father T-pain, he was born on the 30th of September, 1984 which makes him 38 years old in 2022. Her mother, on the other hand, is a few years older as she was born on the 13th of April, 1981 so she’s 41 years old.

T-Pain and Amber tied the knot in September 2003 and the couple has been together ever since.


Similar to her age, there’s not a lot of details about Lyriq Najm’s educational background. Aside from a few photos on the internet, the Najm family have always kept the kids’ school and hobbies relatively private. But, we are certain a superstar will ensure his children receive the best education.

Even though T-pain was introduced to music early- he turned his room into a mini studio at the age of 10, his parents ensured he had an education. According to multiple sources, he attended Rickards High School but there’s no information about a college degree.

Nevertheless, it’s clear that he would want his kids to have a different and better experience.

Lyriq Najm’s Siblings

Lyriq Najm has two older brothers- Muziq and Kaydynz Kodah Najm. Similar to Lyriq, there’s no birth date available for Muziq, but Kaydynz was born in 2009 which makes him 13 years old.

Did you notice how unique their names are? T-Pain is so passionate about music that it shows in his kid’s name. Lyriq was coined from “lyric,” Musiq from “music,” and Kaydynz Kodah from “cadence” and “coda.”

Net Worth

Since the oldest of Faheem Najm’s kids is thirteen years old, they are all minors and do not have a recorded source of income. As a result, Lyriq Najm and her brothers do not have a net worth… At least not yet.

T-Pain, on the other hand, has a net worth of $45 million- income from his successful career in the global music industry. As for Amber, there’s not a lot of details about her type of work, so it’s difficult to tell her net worth. But, many sources have reported that she is worth $1 million.