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There was a Victorian lady who belonged to a very royal family. She was admired by many people all over the world. She has her family tree that provides very thorough details and history about her family. This article will help in knowing all the details of her family. Not much data was available on the internet but still, it was all. The family tree connects her grandparents as well as her children and grandchildren. So, let’s learn it in a very deep manner and very thorough.

About Mary Antoinette

Mary-Antoniette Courbebaisse was born on the 12th of the month of December in the year 1864 in Rochefort, Charente Maritime. And in the year 1933, she took her last breath and passed away at the age of only about 69 years old. She left behind a large family with a large background. And the family tree is available on the internet.  Mary was engaged to Rene Maurice Schwob in the year 1887. Also, as per the data available on the internet, it’s been discussed about Mary-Antoniette’s children and grandchildren.

Mary Antoinette Parents

The name of Mary-Antoniette Courbebaisse’s father is Emile Marie Victor Courbebaisse. He was an Ingenieur General Genie Maritime Director of Construction Navales. And he was married to Marie Alexandrine Lucie Gatine and they gave birth to Mary-Antoniette Courbebaise. Marie Alexandrine Lucie Gatine was married to Mary Antonietter till 1932. But later was married to Marie Alexandrine Lucie Gatine.

Personal Life Of Mary-Antoinette Courbebaisse

Marry Antoinette Courbebaisse was married to another largely expanded family which has a very long and extensive family history. Mary’s husband was alive until 1928 but very sadly died that year. But the thing is his wife died before her and that’s why he was suffering from many health problems in his life and finally died in the year 1928. Mary Antoniette has two children. One boy and one girl. The boy’s name is Georges Paul Victor Schwob and the girl’s name is Lucy Mathilde Schwob. There are also two sisters of Mary-Antoniette. Their names were Mary Leonie James Courbebaisse and the other one is Paul Emile Albert Courbebaisse. However, any details about her sisters’ weddings are not available on the internet anywhere.

The Members Of Her Family

Her family included Pierre Philippe Toussaint Courbebaisse,  Rosalie Larmandie, and Antoine Alphonse Courbebaisse. Similarly, her grandparents were, Ambroise Alexandre Gatine, Perrine Augustine Victoire Egault des Noes, Eulalie Ambroisine Leonie Gatine, and Marie Alexandre Albert Gatine.

About The Members Of Her Family

There was a person in her family named Georges Paul Victor Schwab. He married the lady love of his life in 1910. Her other family member Mathilde Schwob was Involved in a deep love affair with the lady love of his life named Suzanne Malherbe. Their Romance started in 1909. There is not much data available but it’s what all about that is available.


Mary-Antoinette Courbebaisse has a very large family tree. This family tree consists of all her grandparents, her children, and grandchildren. Mary Antoniette Courbebaisse’s family tree explains correctly and very accurately, the family chart, which makes it easy to understand the history. The research revealed that she believed in the importance of family.