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The audience is so curious that they show their interest in the lives of the parents of several celebrities. However, the media is the only bridge that conveys all information about the celebrities to their devotees. Along with this the paparazzi also furnish information about their parents and other relatives. Likewise, this time the audience seems inquisitive to know about Mary Calderon Quintanilla. It is known to everyone that Mary Calderon Quintanilla is the mother of the famous American songwriter Abraham Quintanilla.

As you will proceed with this article you will get to know who Mary Calderon Quintanilla is? Additionally, the readers will also get to know about her personal life and of course about her son Abraham Quintanilla.

Mary Calderon Quintanilla’s Personal Life

Mary Calderon Quintanilla was born in 1920. She was married to Abraham Gonzalez Quintanilla Sr. and had six children. However, in the latter days of their lives, the couple used to glean the vegetables, cotton and fruits in the Rio Grande which is in Texas. Later on, they converted into Jehovah’s Witnesses after leaving the Catholic Church.

Mary Calderon Quintanilla’s Son

Abraham Quintanilla AKA Abraham Isaac Quintanilla Jr. is a notable American singer, songwriter, and producer. He was born on 20th February 1939, in Corpus Christi, Texas. However, he was the middle child of his six siblings. Abraham Quintanilla went to Roy Miller High School and built up a choir with his two friends. This group of friends named their choir Gumdrops. However, in later days Abraham Quintanilla left his school to pursue his dream to be a singer but his mother Mary Calderon Quintanilla was totally against this.

In 1956 Abraham Quintanilla started his career after joining the famous “Dinos” which is a singing troop. However, after seeing these for a long time he took retirement from that group just to give enough time and attention to his family. But the table took a turn when he discovered the singing talent of his youngest child, Salena. Because of her, Abraham Quintanilla founded a music band named Selena y Los Dinos. Abraham Quintanilla is the one who promoted his daughter’s band and helped it reach the top of the Billboard. But Abraham Quintanilla was broken down when Salena was murdered in 1995.

After his daughter’s death, Abraham Quintanilla turned into a producer and produced several biographies which were filmed on Selena’s Life. However, he had also appeared in several television shows to speak about some unknown facts about Salena and her journey.

Abraham Quintanilla’s Net Worth

Abraham Quintanilla has a net worth of approximately 10 million dollars.

Mary Calderon Quintanilla’s Death

Mary Calderon Quintanilla took her last breath on 18th January 1972.

Mary Calderon Quintanilla’s Net Worth

It is not possible to gather a precise idea about the net worth of Mary Calderon Quintanilla as this personality has left the world.


Mary Calderon Quintanilla must be a strong woman that is why she had given birth to such an incredible person, Abraham Quintanilla. However, it is really, appreciable the way Abraham Quintanilla has made himself stand again in front of the world after the death of his beloved daughter. Hopefully, the blog has helped you to gain a clear impression of Mary Calderon Quintanilla.