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Praise Mary Ella is a celebrity child who became famous because of her father’s career. Ella’s father was a renowned hip-hop musician, and his songs made him one of the hottest rappers in American history.

Although Ella’s father died in 2021, fans have continued remembering him through his songs and family. The famed musician was a father to over 15 children, and the stories of child support got him in trouble many times. If you want more details regarding Ella and her family, here are the details!

Who is Mary Ella Simmons?

Born in 2005, Mary Ella is the only daughter of DMX and ex-wife Tashera Simmons. Ella’s parents were childhood friends, but their marriage ended after spending over ten years together. At the time of their separation, Mary Ella was still young, and she spent her life with her mother.

Ella grew up in New York with her siblings Xavier, Tacoma, and Sean. Her father, DMX, was a famous rapper and singer, and he also tried acting. Ella’s mother is an actress who lives in New York with her children.

Ella’s father was a prominent musician, but he also went to jail many times. Throughout his lifetime, he had been jailed thirty times with matters of carjacking, reckless driving, drug possession, and failure to pay child support, among other charges.

Ella’s parents met when Tashera was eleven years old, and she witnessed DMX stealing a woman’s purse with the help of his dog. Tashera loved DMX, and she revealed that the rapper had never been afraid of death.

DMX was known to have affairs with several women and fathered many children outside marriage. He married Tashara in 1999, and they had four children. They divorced eleven years later.

Ella’s Father

Earl Simmons, famous as DMX, was Ella’s father. DMX started rapping in the 1990s and released his debut album in the 1990s, which became a hit. Within the first week of the release, the album had sold over 251,000 copies.

Earl had suffered physical violence at the hands of his mother, and as a result, he was diagnosed with bronchial asthma. Earl had a difficult time growing up, and he robbed students to find food and clothing for himself.

Earl started his career in 1985 when he started doing shows with Ready Ron as the beatbox person. After he was imprisoned for two years, he began writing his lyrics and performing at a local recreation center for young children.

Earl continued doing music, making him one of the best rappers, when he released his first album in the 1990s. As a result of his success, he collaborated with famed musicians like Jay-Z.

Ella’s Father’s Death

Earl Simmons died in 2021, and the news saddened many fans. The news devasted his family, and as his ex-wife revealed later, the rapper was never afraid of death. The rapper was a drug addict, and he canceled his concerts several times and entered drug rehabilitation.

Earl died of asthma that resulted from a drug overdose. Earl was in critical care for a while before he died due to the failure of essential organs.