Gone are the days, languages were barriers to art. The surging popularity of k dramas across the world has proved that art knows no barrier and good content always finds a way to its audience. A major reason behind the limited audience of Chinese cinema was believed to be the language. The popularity of k drama movies like Memories of the Alhambra has crossed the popularity of record-breaking Hollywood and Bollywood movies. The movie Memories of the Alhambra features Hyun Bin and Park Shin-Hye in leading roles. It revolves around a company CEO and a hostel owner who get trapped in some situations that unfold into them becoming a part of a game. 

Show Details:

TV Series: Memories of the Alhambra
Genre: Science fantasy




Created by:  Jinnie Choi 

Lee Myung-han 

Written by: Song Jae-jung
Running time: December 1, 2018 –

January 20, 2019

Producers Cho Hyung-jin

Kim Sang-heon

Composer: Kim Joon seok

Jeong Se Rin

Original language: Korean

Memories of the Alhambra Season 3 Release Date

More about the show:

The series Memories of the Alhambra belongs to the genre Science fantasy, Action, Thriller, and Romance. It has been created by Jinnie Choi and Lee Myung-han and has been written by Song Jae-Jung. The show has been helmed by Ahn Gil-ho and stars Hyun Bin and Park Shin-Hye in leading roles. The background score for the series has been given by Kim Joon Seok and Jeong Se Rin. It originated from South Korea and was originally made in the language Korean. The first season of the show had 16 episodes.

The executive producers of the show are Cho Hyung-jin and Kim Sang-Heon, and the locations used for the show are Granada in Spain, Madrid in Spain, Barcelona in Spain, Girona in Spain, Budapest in Hungary, Slovenia, and South Korea. Only a single camera set-up was used to shoot the show. The companies involved in its production were Studio Dragon and Chorokbaem Media. The official distributors of the show were CJ E&M and Netflix.

 Memories of the Alhambra originally aired on tvN. Its first episode premiered on December 1, 2018, and its last episode aired on January 20, 2019. Park Chan-yeol, Kim Yong-rim, Lee Re, Lee Hak-joo, Park Hoon, Lee Seung-joon, and Min Jin-Woong also featured in important roles. While Park Hae-soo, Jung Min-sung, Choi Yoo-song, Kim Hyun-mok, Park Seul-gi, Park Jong-jin, and Eom Seong-seop featured in cameos.


Memories of the Alhambra is a K-Drama (South Korean Television series) released in 2018. The cast of the series includes Hyun Bin and Park Shin hye. The story of the series is set in Spain and Korea in the later episodes and it revolves around the life of Yoo Jin-Woo who works as the Chief Executive Officer of an investment company.

 He is a very competitive guy with good knowledge of his work with an endless desire for winning and being a part of strong adventures. After facing betrayals from his friends, Jin-Woo faces mental and emotional stress. He travels to Granada, Spain for business purposes and spends his time at an old hostel run by Jung Hee-Joo (Park Shin-Hye).

 The series takes a big leap when the hostel owner and the CEO indulge in a series of weird incidents surrounded by an intricately fresh reality-based game that is inspired by the stories of Alhambra Palace. A major reason behind the overwhelming response received by the series was the fresh romance it serves. Although romance has been the most mundane subject for any movie, the flavor with which this one brings along its romantic angle, feels refreshing enough. 


Park Chan-yeol essayed the role of Jung Se-Joo and Kim Yong-rim essayed the role of Oh Young-shim. Jung Se-joo and Oh Young-shim are the protagonists of the story. Lee Re essayed the role of  Jung Min-joo. Park Chae-hee essayed the role of young Jung Min-joo, who is the younger sister of Hee-joo. Lee Hak-joo played the character of Kim Sang-bum, who is a guitarist by profession. Park Hoon played the role of Cha Hyung-seok, who is the CEO of an IT company named Neword.

Lee Seung-joon essayed the role of Park Seon-ho. Min Jin-woong essayed the role of Seo Jung-hoon. Jo Hyun-chul played the character of Choi Yang-joo and Lee Si-won played the character of Lee Soo-jin. Kim Eui-sung played the character of Cha Byung-jun and Ryu Abel essayed the role of Lee Soo-kyung. Han Bo-reum essayed the role of Ko Yoo-ra, who is the second (ex) wife of Jin-woo.

Lee Jae-wook played the character of Marco Han. Park Jin-woo essayed the role of Noh Young-jun, who is the ex-boyfriend and also the manager of Yoo-ra. Jung Min-sung, Choi Yoo-song, Kim Hyun-mok, Park Seul-gi, and Eom Seong-seop featured in special roles.


The first season of Memories of the Alhambra had 16 episodes. The first episode of the series was released on 1 December 2018. The second episode of the series was released on 2 December 2018. 

The third episode of the series was released on 8 December 2018. The fourth episode of the series was released on 9 December 2018. The fifth episode of the series was released on 15 December 2018. 

The sixth episode of the series was released on 16 December 2018. The seventh episode of the series was released on 22 December 2018. The eighth episode of the series was released on 23 December 2018. The ninth episode of the series was released on 29 December 2018. The tenth episode of the series was released on 30 December 2018. The eleventh episode of the series was released on 5 January 2019. 

The twelfth episode of the series was released on 6 January 2019. The thirteenth episode of the series was released on 12 January 2019. The fourteenth episode of the series was released on 13 January 2019. The fifteenth episode of the series was released on 19 January 2019. The sixteenth episode of the series was released on 20 January 2019. 

When will the second season be released?

After season 1 released its last episode, fans have been desperately waiting for the release of Season 2. The sad news is, there has been no official statement by the makers of the show about the next season. However, it is being suggested that makers cannot drop a show this successful and there shall definitely be a second season.

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