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This involves a British fantasy-adventure drama series. It is made by Julian Murphy, Johnny Capps, Jake Michie, and Julian Jones. Shine’s series is created by following the ascent of Arthur and Merlin in their more youthful days. The series has released five seasons, aired on BBC One from September 2008 to December 2012. 

Merlin’s first season was aired on NBC after United states broadcasting rights were purchased in April 2008. The second season was shown on Syfy, a subsidiary cable channel of NBC, in April 2020. Season 4 was also aired on Choice TV. It gained worldwide acceptance due to its great work. The show portrays occasions where Uther Pendragon, Arthur’s father, rejects the use of enchantment in Camelot and criticizes it as a wrong deed that deserves death. 

It provokes Merlin to mask his forces from a distinctive sight except for Gauis, his guide. The latest season of the series, season 5, came into the picture on October 6, 2012

Will Merlin Be Renewed or Cancelled?

The series gained a great number of viewers from the season one to five. Most of them are greatly awaiting the release of season 6. The season has not been cancelled but may not be brought to the screens anymore. In 2012, it was declared formally that season 5 was probably the last portion. We, therefore, expect less concerning the release of Merlin season 6. When the season is renewed, the fans will be informed with no doubt

Release date of Merlin Season 6

The previous season of the series, season 5, was introduced on the BBC on 6th October 2012. The creators of the series formally announced that season 5 was probably its last portion. It began with a two-section finale. Having a total of 65 scenes, Merlin finished with a productive argument. In this case, there will not be any additional seasons, not unless another organization decides to bring about the arrangement and renew the series. Therefore, there are no dates set for the release of Merlin season 6. 

The cast of season 6

Merlin Season 6

Merlin Season 6

There are key characters who were featured in the previous seasons. Having caught the viewer’s attention, everyone wishes to see them come back in the new season. This season’s star cast includes Richard Wilson as Gauis, Brandley James (II) Arthur Pendagron, Anthony Stewart Head as King Arthur Pendragon, Holly Messenger Coulby as Gwen, and Katie McGrath as Morgana. There can be several new characters in Merlin season 6. This is in the event if the season will get the chance to be back.


Merlin will return to the realm of Camelot after his mother sets up for him to remain with Gaus, the court doctor. He is a young warlock who, with time, finds out that Urther Pendagron, the King Camelot banned enchantment about twenty years ago. He also imprisoned the very last Dragon under his chateau to fill in as a notice to the criminals. 

When a weird voice tends to protest in his mind, Merlin will go down in the carven and find that it is the Great dragon conversing with him. When Merlin met Aurthur, the youthful leader was egoistical and touchy by the previous idea. Considerable, the introduction of Arthur of Merlin is not incredible. In the case when Merlin ensures his life, he is affirmed as an individual worker. These two young men focus on few undertakings and eventually turn out to be the closest companions. When Morgana betrays Camelot at any given time, Arthur and Merlin must connect up to spare Albion.

When should we expect Merlin Season 6?

There is no specified time on when Merlin season 6 will be released. The season can be released at any given time or fail to be released at all. Following the official declaration in 2012 that season 5 may have been final, we can have the least expectations on Merlin season 6. If any other organization decides to pick up, we will be able to enjoy the new season. So we can expect the return of our favourite characters or even their disappearance as well.


There are some indications that the show actually may have been cancelled. It is because the producers had been negotiating the possibility of having season 6. However, season 5 remains the final portion of Merlin as we have always known it to be.


Ever since it started streaming on Netflix, the series has received so much awe and requests for a comeback. Merlin has received positive feedback and a lot of admiration from the fans and critics as well. It will be a great advantage to the viewers if Merlin season 6 is released. Since it is officially communicated that Merlin is not going to come back for another adventure, there will be no official season 6