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Michael Douglas Shaw Jr is the son of family matters actress Jaimee Foxworth and Michael Shaw. He was born on May 29, 2009, and is an only child. Her mother likes to post her once in a while.

Michael’s mother respects her son’s privacy and has not revealed any information regarding her son’s educational level. Michael is probably in junior high.

His Mother.

Michael’s mother started her career in the entertainment industry when she was 5; she started as a model and appeared in television advertisements soon after. Given her early success, Jamiee landed the role of Judy Winslow on the sitcom Family Matters.

Despite making her mark in Family Matters, a new actor was introduced into the sitcom and the scenes in which Michael’s mother reduced. She appeared in the series until the fourth season, when she was eliminated due to her minimal appearance. Even though the show was to run with the Winslow family kids being three, the producers said that no one would notice that Jude Winslow (Jaimee) was gone.

After Jaimee’s dismissal from Family Matters, she did get any acting work, so she decided to venture into music, forming a group with her two sisters, Tyren Perry and Jania Perry. The group released its first album, 3’s a Charm, on July 1997, through Interscope Records, Shaquille O’Neal’s record label.

Michael’s mother’s music career didn’t go well, and she moved into the adult industry in 2000, working under the pseudonym Crave. She made pornographic films for two years. Jaimee made some television guest appearances, including Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, The Oprah Winfrey Show, and The Tyra Banks Show in 2006.

Michael Douglas Shaw Jr’s mother has not been featured in notable films or tv shows which can be partly attributed to her marijuana abuse.

His Mother’s Personal Life

Michael’s mother had a tough time with her dismissal from family Matters and the subsequent financial strains that faced her family; she started abusing drugs, particularly marijuana, and she had depression. She struggled with her marijuana abuse but then said that her son Michael’s birth changed her life as she stopped smoking.

Michael was a turning point for Jaimee, and since his birth, her life has changed. She always says how proud she is to be his mom and how much he loves him.

Social Media and Net Worth.

The young celebrity kid is not active on any social media platforms as he likes his privacy and is probably focusing on his studies. Besides, you can find some of his pictures on his mother’s social media handles. For instance, his mother is on Instagram, with over 100k followers. Jaime likes posting her pictures and videos, and some of her son

Michael’s mother is also on Twitter which she joined in February 2009; she has 4.7k followers and follows 125. She is not as active on Twitter as she is on Instagram.

Michael is too young to own any assets, so his net worth cannot be estimated, but her mother made some cash while on family matters, which is enough to take care of her son.