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Miles William’s popularity started when he was born. He was born a celebrity kid. His parents are famous American writers, directors, and producers. His mother is Elisabeth Shue, and his father is Davis Guggenheim. Miles is now an adult and works as an American journalist. Today’s post talks about his early life, bio, career, and net worth and mentions a few details about his mother.

Biography and Early Life

Miles was born on November 11, 1997. His birthplace is Cedars-Sinai Medical Centre in Los Angeles, California. Miles was born a celebrity kid, and fame started following him from day one. Fans of his parents were curious to get more details about the newborn, and that curiosity followed Miles even in his adult age.

Miles is of American nationality and has mixed ethnicity, as his mother is German and English. His horoscope is Scorpio, and his lucky color is purple. He is the son of Elisabeth Sue and Davis Guggenheim.

Miles is the oldest son in the family, and he was named after his uncle, his mother’s late brother. His mother’s brother died following a tragic accident, and he was a School of Medicine student. His death met him on a family vacation. Following his death, Elisabeth decided to name her first son after his brother as a way of keeping his name alive and honoring it.

Education and Career

Miles was lucky to grow up in a family surrounded by art and film. His grandfather, Charles Guggenheim, was among the most respected documentary directors of his time. He even won four Oscars while his maternal grandmother was a lawyer and a real estate developer. Moreover, she served in the International Food and Beverage Corporation as the president.

We have no information about where Miles attended high school. However, we know that he joined Brown University from 2016 to 2020. At University, Miles pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Modern Culture and media. It is through it that he found his career as an American journalist.

Miles writes articles for a weekly newspaper that focuses on topics such as campus life, politics, arts, and culture. Besides, he is passionate about music and photography. Although Miles didn’t follow in his parent’s footsteps, he has featured in some of their projects. For instance, he appeared in his father’s documentary as a child. You will also find him in his mother’s comedy film, Hamlet 2.

Relationship and Net Worth

Miles doesn’t share all the details about his life. For instance, information about his relationship status is not publicly available. Thus, we can say that he is single as he hasn’t shared any dating information or confirmed that he is in a relationship with anyone.

He currently prefers focusing on growing his career. However, when things change, we will share his relationship status. Talking about his net worth, Miles has yet to achieve the same career success as his parents. However, his net worth is estimated to be about $200,000.