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Minavann Young Howard is the child of French actress Elodie Young and British actor Jonathan Howard. The kid’s mother Elodie is known for her role as Elekta Nacchio in 2016 from the second season of the marvel cinematic universe’s Netflix series named Daredevil. And father Jonathan is known for his role in the British TV series named Dream Team as Gavin Moody and in the marvel cinematic universe’s movie named Thor the dark world as Ian Boothby.

Personal Life

Minivann Young Howard is now 4 years old as he was born in the year 2018. And he goes to kindergarten school meant for babies and surely will be joining mainstream primary schooling education very soon. Not enough information regarding him is present on the internet since their parent decided to keep their kid’s life private. However, the kid shares a very good and friendly bonding between their parents and no signs of his interest in the future can be seen since he is just a kid and it is the time for him to play.

Father Jonathan’s Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Jonathan Howard as of 2021 is almost up to about 5 million United States Dollars approximately according to different media resources. He also acted in several blockbuster movies like Skyline, Godzilla, trespassers, Megan Leavy, the capture, and bright fare interior leather bar. And series like a dream team, dominion, Holtby city, looking after the penny, etc., and many more other commendable works. His devotion in a British TV series Dream team is an important work for his acting career.

Mother Elodie Young’s Net Worth

Edie Young has an estimated net worth of almost about 3 million united states dollars approximately according to different media resources. She acted in several high grossing movies like The Muppet Christmas carol, Huwag mong sailing in and sugar ko, Tamar and Vince. Her hard work and dedication made her gain so much success that very few people can achieve at much less age. She is also a business person and owned and founded many legitimate businesses.


Minivann Young Howard has no siblings so far. That means he is the only boy child of his famous British actor father Jonathan Howard and famous Hollywood actress mother Edie Young. It seems Minivann Young Howard’s parents are not likely interested in another child and they are happy with only one child of them. But later who knows maybe Minivann Young Howard might get his sibling or siblings as a partner in studies and play.


It seems that the parents are very much satisfied with their one child and the relationship between his mother Edie Young and his father Jonathan Howard is very strong and long-lasting than other celebrities. In the majority of cases, poeople have observed that the relationship between the man and the woman is unstable there are lots of ups and downs but the case is very different when it comes to Minivann’s parents. They seem to have a very strong and long-lasting relationship and may God keep them happy like this ever after.