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Mitch McConnel is a famous United States senator, and the fact that he has served in the role for the longest time makes him one of the best-known politicians from Kentucky. Mitch has been in politics for a long time, and it is normal for people to be curious about his family.

The politician is a proud father to his three daughters, whom he shared with ex-wife Sherrill Redmon. Although Elly McConnel is a celebrity daughter, she has kept a low profile, making it almost impossible to tell if she is married. If you are curious about Elly’s details, here is all we know!

Who is Elly McConnel?

Elly McConnel is an American nationality, famous as the eldest daughter of Mitch McConnel. Elly has ensured that she leaves no trail of her life in the public, explaining why she is the least known of the Senator’s children.

Although Elly’s father is a politician who has ruled for many decades, she opts to keep a life away from the limelight. She has never been spotted by her father’s side to support his politics, but this is attributed to her privacy.

But one thing that she shares in common with her father is that she is an environmentalist. She is known for participating in various movements aimed at protecting the environment. Her husband is not known, but it seems she has a daughter, who she briefly mentioned in her memoir.

Elly McConnel’s Parents

Sherill Redmon and Mitch McConnel are Elly’s parents. Although her parents are not together anymore, they did a great job in raising her and her siblings to women of substance.

Elly’s parents met in college, and they started dating at that time. After school, the couple walked down the aisle in 1968, exchanging vows and starting a family. Elly’s mother holds a Ph.D. in American history, and she became the director of the Sophia Smith Collection after her divorce.

After Elly’s parents divorced, her father got full custody of Elly and her siblings, and he raised them. On the other hand, her mother moved to Smith College, where he took over the women’s history archive.

Elly’s Siblings

Elly is a proud sister to her younger sister, who, unlike her, has made their presence known through engaging in politics. Claire and Porter are Elly’s sisters, and Porter, the youngest, is known for being an activist.

Porter is active on social media platforms, and she often uses her accounts to tweet about current affairs. She is an activist on Take On Wall Street, and she advocates against the predatory economic powers of banks and billionaires.

How Rich is Elly McConnel?

Elly McConnel is a private lady who keeps away from the public domain. She is not on social media platforms, and it is hard to tell which career she is pursuing. Talking of her father he has held political positions for many years, and she is among the wealthiest politicians in history.

Moreover, Micth’s wife inherited real estate from her mother, and it has boosted Micth’s net worth significantly.