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Nathaniel William Shue is only recently rising in to stardom as a young actor but he has done a lot more previously. Let’s learn more about him.

Early Life

Nathaniel William Shue is the son of actor Andrew Shue and floral designer Jennifer Hageney. He was born on August 1st, 1996 in the bustling city of New York.  His zodiac sign is Leo.  He stands at a height of 6 foot 1 inches. He weighs 175lbs.


Nathaniel William Shue used to study at Princeton High school before he shifted to Blair academy where he finished his high school years. Shue graduated from Santa Clara University in 2020. He majored in Theater and communications.

Nathaniel William Shue


Shue was interested in soccer from young age as his father Andrew school too was a soccer player. He started playing for the Santa Clara Broncos since 2017 as a Division 1 soccer player under the club of Player Development Academy. He started playing as a Redshirt Freshman and in 2019; he was a part of the Redshirt Senior team. He played as the midfielder and forward.

Nathaniel has also done volunteer work as a Kindergarten teacher at Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. He went there for the cause of Poverty Alleviation.

Other than a student athlete, Shue also has experience in Data Entry field as well as a research assistant for CafeMedia and ThePeopleOrg respectively. Currently he is self employed as a soccer coach since July 2020.

Nathaniel William Shue


Shue’s parents, Andrew Shue and Jennifer Hageney divorced in 2008. This divorce was hard on everyone including Shue and his two brothers, Aidan and Wyatt. After a few years when Andrew married his now wife Amy Robach in 2010, Shue found himself with 2 stepsisters, Ava McIntosh and Annalise McIntosh from Robach’s previous marriage with Tim McIntosh.

Despite how intimidating it maybe, Shue has been seen enjoying his extended blended family to the fullest. He was present for his father’s new wedding, giving his blessings to his father for a happier marriage.

His grandparents on the paternal side are Anne Harms and James Shue. Shue has one aunt and two uncles on his father’s side namely, Elizabeth Shue, William Shue and John Shue.

Recent Activities

Lately Shue has been brought to the limelight again because of his work as a writer and actor in the film Senses that was released in 2022. In this short movie, Shue plays the titular character of Mac, the male lead who has to come in terms with his feelings regarding his relationship with his girlfriend Nora, played by co-writer Alexandra Punch, after they are both forced to quarantine together due to COVID-19. This drama film touched people’s heart due to the relatable story.

Net Worth

It is hard to estimate the net worth of Nathaniel William Shue due to the lack of information disclosed by him. His father has a net worth of $100 million while his mother has a net worth of $200,000.


Nathaniel William Shue has been involved with soccer since his childhood years and he has shown interest in continuing in that field. His short film displayed his ability for writing and acting which gives him the viable fields in both sectors. Information about his future plans remains undisclosed.