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Even at an old age, your family’s name still ties back to you, and if your father was a famous person, like in the case of Nedra Ruffin, people still keep an eye out for any information about you. Being a celebrity kid starts at a young age and lives with you throughout your life. Nedra started as a celebrity kid courtesy of her father, but the fame never left. Even in her old age, she was still famous for being the daughter of David Ruffin, the late R&B singer popular for forming and leading The Temptations band.

Who is Nedra Ruffin

Many people know Nedra Ruffin thanks to her being the daughter of the late R&B singer David Ruffin. Her mother was Sandra Barnes, and she had three siblings. Her siblings are Kimberly Ruffin Jones and Cheryl Ruffin. She also had a half-sibling, David Ruffin Jr and the siblings shared love since their childhood.

Nedra attended Mumford High School in Detroit. She then pursued a career in modelling and bartending. Nedra was also respected for her efforts to teach ballroom dancing and hustle classes. Even at her adult age, she was involved with different organizations where she wanted to do some good to the world by helping people find a purpose in their lives.

According to her daughter, Neda was a cheerful character, and she enjoyed dancing. Besides, her love for attending concerts started at a young age when she would join her father, David Ruffin, in the studio and join in his concerts.

Details Following Her Death

Much of the details about her young life are unknown. However, she recently surfaced on the internet after news about her death was shared. Nedra Died on May 19, 2021, at Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak. Her death was attributed to complications that she faced due to Covid 19.

Her sister, Cheryl Ruffin, shared her remorse following Nedra’s death. She recalled how, growing up, they lived as twins and how much they enjoyed each other’s company. Cheryl talked about how much she would miss her sister as she gave her the best of love, and her company was worthwhile.

Nedra’s brother-in-law also mentioned how Nedra championed for Parkside Street in Detroit to be renamed to David Ruffin Avenue in 2019. He talked about how Nedra was influential and an inspiration to many.

Nedra enjoyed every time with her grandchildren. She enjoyed traveling and spending time with them, and she was an active member in assisting people with narcotics problems.

Although Nedra had faced different ailments in recent years, she was doing great and battling well. However, her body started showing signs of weakness after she returned home from her trip to Las Vegas. Nedra felt confused and had trouble breathing. She was then rushed to the hospital, where she was admitted.

Nedra was put into the intensive care unit and on a ventilator to help with her breathing. Unfortunately, she breathed her last and died on May 19, 2021, having lived well and served humanity.