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This post focuses on Nikki Danielle Moore. As a celebrity, her fame is associated with acting Sera Smiles. Although she has appeared in other films, her fame grew and spread thanks to Sera Smiles. The American actress has worked hard to grow her career, and her popularity has kept spreading. If you want to know more about her, read on and learn about the details covered in the post.

Who is Nikki Danielle Moore?

Unlike most celebrities, Nikki prefers staying private. Much of the details about her life remain unknown. She only shares what she feels comfortable with the public knowing. Nikki is also known as Nicole Hayden, and her profession is being an American actress, and her ex-husband was also an American actor.

Nikki’s fame is thanks to the TV film, 8 Simple Rules, where she played as Jennas Sharpe. Details about her education are unknown. We also don’t know when she was born. She hasn’t disclosed her birthdate, but her birthplace is New York.

Moreover, Nikki has not shared details about her family. We don’t know who her parents or siblings are. Even details about her early childhood remain unknown. Hopefully, she will someday open up about her childhood and we will update the post with new information.

Career and Net Worth

Nikki has a successful career as an actress. She first appeared on-screen when playing a minor role as Ally in an episode of the TV series, Even Stevens. Many people came to know her after she joined the cast team of the ABC show, 8 Simple Rules. In this show, she played Jenna Sharpe and did an excellent job winning people’s hearts and attracting fame.

Her fame went on to meet her in 2010 after she speared as Denise in Taco Bell commercials. Nikki has also had guest roles on different TV shows. For instance, she was in the 1002 C.S.I show and in the 2011 How I Met Your Mother. You will also find her in the 2013 Mad Men.

Another excellent role she has played is in the romantic comedy The Park Beach, released in 2014. It’s through this comedy series that she was awarded the Jury Award for Best Actress.

Over the years, Nikki has changed her screen name to Nicole Hayden to avoid conflicts, as one individual can only have one name. Her career has been lucrative and earned her enough to sustain her. Although she has not shared her net worth, looking back since when she started acting in 2002 up to date, we can assume that she has accumulated a substantial net worth.


Nikki has been in one known relationship. She married Jay Hayden in 2005, but they separated in September 2021. Her ex-husband was born in 1978 and is an American actor. Some of his notable acting works include appearing in the comedy-drama series The catch, which aired from 2016 to 2017. The ex-couple has two children but has chosen to keep details about their children private. They don’t want their family life appearing in the limelight.