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Last year towards its end, Netflix included another gem in its crown of international comics. They added in another Brazilian show know as Nobody’s looking. What will happen to the upcoming season 2? The comic was both created and directed by Daniel Rezende. This satirical Comic is the first-ever collaboration between Netflix and Gullane. The show is directed to regional productions with more concept and high hopes to be interesting to the audience globally.

What has happened to season 2 of nobody’s watching show

The show features Uli, who is the youngest among the members of 5511th District recruits. Uli is a novice, Angelus. He wants to capture and learn more rules of what his work entails and polish his skills. He will be helped to attain all this through the guidance of veteran Angelus Chun and Greta. The whole team is under the supervision of inspector Fred.

In the current times, societies have adopted the contemporary norm of asking their employees to dress in formals. All the workers have different ways that they can take and be able to save guard the humans on the planet. Uli finds himself in a scenario where he can’t withstand some rules, mostly where he can’t see the sense of imposing the rule. in a scenario of wearing a tie. I urge that if human beans cannot see the angles, why are they supposed to have ties on their necks.

Nobody's Looking Season 2

Nobody’s Looking Season 2

After the situation, Uli found it necessary for him to quit the structure and assist the humans on its own. In helping the humans, he managed to help many humans, such as the captivating Miriam, who was a veterinarian-Sandro and rescuing the heartbroken man, Richard. After a few hours, everybody realizes that they began to wonder if their bosses are really aware of the whole events. 

In the event of standing alone, Uli comes to learn other new things about humans. He learned how things are run for humans and what it really means to be a human. As the show continues, fans started to see how Uli solves out the complex issues of humans. The series not familiar and contained a lot of humor as well as satire for many complicated issues.

Nobody’s is Looking Season 2:Renewal Status and Release Date.

The first was aired on Netflix on November 22, 2019. The installments consist of eight episodes that were aired on the same date. The Brazillian show has not yet received huge numbers of reviews. Thus, Netflix had no option other than terminating the show just after the release of its first season. Therefore, this clearly indicates that the show may not premiere for any other season despite leaving the story uncompleted. Maybe in future days, things may happen, and other channels may decide to pick up the seasons and continue from where it was stopped. If the case happens will break the good news to you.

Nobody’s looking at season 2: Character.

From season one, there were many roles in his play, and the starring personals perfectly make sure that they accommodate the whole collection. Some of the characters, such as Victor lamoglia, who acted as Ulisses, Julia Rabello, took part in Greta Angelus, kefera Buchmann as Miriam lopes Teixeira, and others.

Many fans hope that by the comeback of the reason, all the above fans will make it to return to the collection as they are mostly anticipated characters. However, the show will add other characters to cater to new responsibilities in the series.

Rezende stated that the Nobody’s looking show was an impressive portfolio of topics comprising BAFTA award-winning names City of God, Motorcycle Diaries, and Elite Squad. Additional claimed production from his own catalog is the Mechanism, another Netflix original originating from the brazil java jato operation. This was termed as the most corrupt scenario in the country.

Daniel Rezende showed his ideas of the show stating’ the idea is to subvert pre-established conceptions so that we can reflect on them, once we get over the fit of giggles.’ Erick Barmack, who is the vice president of the international content at the streamer, Netflix, also said that the show represented the topics that attract the audience not only in Brazil but also globally, with good usage of the critical and good-humored story of what it takes to be inhuman days.


Nobody’s looking explains the day-to-day activities in the lives of the Angelus, which is a community that strictly follows the four critical rules, made purposely for the protection of the humans. However, when anti rules recruit joined the crew, many things changed.