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Noel is an American female mainly known for being John Amos’s ex-wife. Her ex-husband is famous for appearing in two hit films, Coming to America and Good Times. As a celebrity wife, Noel found her space in the limelight, and her fans want to know more about her, including details about her early life, biography, education, career, and husband.

Biography of Noel J. Jackson

Noel is an American female national born in Lowa. Her birth date is unknown, but we know her sexual orientation is straight, her ethnicity is white, and her religion is Christianity. Noel was born and raised in Estherville, Lowa, in the United States.

Most details about her early childhood and where she attended school remain unknown. She hasn’t shared much about herself, and her social network doesn’t reveal much about her. Nonetheless, we know that she joined Colorado State University, and it is through it that she met her ex-husband.

Relationship and Marriage

Noel is the ex-wife of Josh Amos. The two met and fell in love in college. They both ended up joining Colorado State University, and they met by chance one day and started talking. Their first meeting went well, and they developed an interest in each other. They started communicating and meeting more frequently.

Soon, they started dating, and based on their daughter’s description, how Noel and Josh met was a case of ‘love at first sight.’ By the time Josh and Noel met, Josh was not into movies yet. He played football and was active for his school’s football team.

Although we are unsure of what Noel was pursuing at university, her ex-husband pursued a degree in sociology. A notable point about their relationship is that some considered it illegal. Well, a black and a white dating was unacceptable by then. Josh Amos was black, and the racism levels in America were high during that time. Hence, their relationship was not approved by many people. Interracial relationships and marriages were not a thing, and some considered it taboo.

Even after their graduation, Josh and Noel never stopped loving each other. They kept on with their love and received numerous attacks from supremacists. Their parents were also concerned due to the endless criticism happening around them.

The two never gave up on their love and finally married in 1965. Their marriage inspired many people and opened doors for people to start accepting interracial relationships.

Professional Life and Career

Noel worked as a professional artist and a craftswoman. Her career has not given her any public attention. However, being married to Josh was what made her popular. Noel’s ex-husband is an American actor. He is mainly known for appearing as James Evans in the Good Times film. Besides, he is also in the Coming to America, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, etc.

You will also find him on other TV series. His career was successful, and although the two divorced, Noel is widely known as the ex-husband of Josh Amos.