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Northern Rescue is one of the best family drama shows that you will love to watch with your family. This web series streams upon the Netflix network. The production of the show is done by DCTV and the ones credited for making this show include Emmy nominated producer David Cormican and writer-performer Dwayne Hill. The premiere of Northern Rescue came two years ago on 1st March. 

Going by the concept of this family drama show, it revolves around a search and rescue commander played by American actor William Baldwin. After the demise of his spouse, he relocates to Ontario from Boston with his 3 kids to reside with his wife’s sister. According to Kathleen who is one of the stars of the web series Northern Rescue, this show gives a message about how to live and survive at the time of tragic circumstances. 

After the end of the first season, viewers who have liked the show are very curious about the streaming of the Northern Rescue second season. It often happens that makers of the show don’t return with the next installments. So let us find out whether viewers should expect a new season of this family drama or not. 

Show Details 

TV Series: Northern Rescue
Genre: Family drama
Created by: Marc Bacci, Dwayne Hill & David Cormican
Opening theme: ‘’Family’’ by Mother Mother (Canadian Indie Rock Band)
Place Of Origin: Canada
Starring: Kathleen Robertson & William Baldwin
Original language: English
Number of seasons: 1
Number of episodes: 10

Northern Rescue Season 2 Release Date

Story Plot

Northern Rescue is a family drama series from Canada. It has an interesting storyline revolving around the character John who relocates to Ontario from Boston after the death of his spouse. He takes away his 3 kids and gets settled into the house of Charlotte played by actress Kathleen. She plays the sister of John’s deceased wife. 

John is a rescue commander by profession. His kids struggle with the loss of their mother by fetching out varied ways. It is not only children who miss their mom, John is too affected by the big loss of his life partner. And now after her early demise, his sister-in-law comes as a helping hand for him. She does have a desire to have her own family. And so the family makes efforts in a reunion after getting away from the past sorrow. 

Northern Rescue is shown from the perspective of Maddie, the eldest child of the deceased wife (Sarah) of John West. She is the oldest among her two siblings and is rested upon with responsibilities. After the repercussions of Sarah’s death, she runs her house through members of the family.

The character of William appears to be like a real super action hero whose motive is to protect people’s lives for his living. But besides this, he is also a dominant captain of the house who wants his family to be disciplined every time. The middle child of William is his only son Scout. Whereas Taylor is the youngest among the three. 

A Father’s Struggle

The family drama Northern Rescue showcases life’s struggle following the death of Sarah the wife of William and mother of 3 kids. It also shows the struggle of a rescue commander’s father who besides saving the lives of people has an added responsibility in taking care of his family amid crucial phases. 

In the show we see the oldest child getting arrested and the son indulging in fights. Northern Rescue gives a strong message via a father William who makes all the efforts in keeping his family united. He even tells them not to make their mother’s death an easy excuse for getting on the wrong path. Besides being a rescue commander, William is also a caring and doting father who is concerned for his kids and doesn’t want to lose them. 

Family Drama With Emotional Touch

The script of the family drama is curated so well that it greatly made an impact on the actor William Baldwin other than viewers who watched the show with great interest. During an interview, he expressed that the role he got in Northern Rescue demanded him to play the balancing characters of a father and mother. And William got deeply connected with this role as he could relate it to his personal life. 

Realistic Life Theme

In Northern Rescue, it shows how a father faces so much struggle after the death of his wife in raising his kids. He could well justify this role as he had experienced himself as a father personally. So naturally, he could understand the character deeply. William is moved by the theme of this show, which is dealing with the loss of some dear one, and how people step into wrong paths in wasting their lives. 

He also focuses upon the kids in this family drama series, in how they spoil their future by making one wrong decision. Northern Rescue showcases William as a real superhero sort of character who saves the lives of people. But when it comes to saving his family, he fails in it. The shooting of season 1 took place during the summer in Ontario for over 4 months. 

William Baldwin: The Commander Father In Northern Rescue

Let us know some facts about the actor William Baldwin who plays the commander father in Northern Rescue. Besides acting, he is also into writing and is also a producer. Other than Northern Rescue, he has appeared in several films including Flatliners and Forgetting Sarah Marshall, where he played himself. He is the third among his four brothers. William is married to Chynna who is a singer by profession. 

When Will The Second Season Of Northern Rescue Release?

The premiere of Northern Rescue came two years ago on 1st March with only 10 episodes. Talking about the next installment of the latter family drama series, there is no official announcement of its release so far. Well, it was earlier expected to stream by 2020. It might not be possible to expect its release in the running year. So we can only hope it comes in 2022.