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Nyasha Newton is the mother of British actress Melanie Thandiwe Newton. Her daughter has enjoyed much success in the acting industry, appearing in various high-profile shows and winning several awards, including an Emmy Award. Nyasha is of Zimbabwean origin but has lived in multiple countries, including Zambia and England.

Personal Details

Nyasha hails from a Shona chieftaincy family, so her family was a great deal in Zimbabwe. Due to her family’s influence and affluence, Nyasha got the education she required, and, through academics, she moved out of her mother country. It is unclear which educational institutions she attended, but Nyasha has a college degree in nursing.

How Did She Meet Her Husband

Nyasha Newton has been married to her husband, Nick Newton, for over five decades, but the lovely couple has never revealed the details of their first encounter. However, since they started their relationship, they have seemed to be inseparable and have always supported each other. Nyasha and her husband Nick have two grown children, a son and a daughter.

Nyasha and her husband lived in Zambia for a while and then moved to England, where they have settled ever since.

Relationship with Daughter

Nyasha Newton has a great relationship with her daughter and has always supported her in her endeavors. As a young child, Thandiwe was different from others, making her mother support her more. When Thandiwe showed an interest in acting, Nyasha supported her, which is still evident today as she often attends her daughter’s special events. For instance, she recently accompanied her daughter to the show The Pursuit of Happiness premiere.

Nyasha and her daughter are close, probably due to their special mother-daughter relationship and Thandiwe being her firstborn child and only daughter.

Professional Life

After completing her college degree in nursing, Nyasha Newton started working as a nurse. When her family moved to the UK in the 1970s, she continued with her work there, and through years of service, she positively impacted the lives of several individuals she attended to. Nyasha has since retired as a nurse as she tries to spend more time with her family, especially her grandchildren.

Her Daughter

Nyasha’s daughter has always been exceptional; when she first joined a catholic school, she was not a believer, and as such, some students and even nuns picked on her but did not care. Thandiwe ventured into the acting industry in the late 1980s, making her debut in Flirting. Nyasha’s daughter has appeared in numerous television films and shows ever since.

In 2016, she started portraying Maeve Millay in the series Westworld, a role through which she has won several accolades. Her other credits include Besieged, Beloved, Mission Impossible 2, The Chronicles of Riddick, Rogue, and Line of Duty.

Besides her acting, Nyasha’s daughter has contributed to various charitable causes; she has even traveled to countries like Mali, where she made a difference in the community she visited. Thandiwe has also been advocating for gender equality and justice. She has committed herself to making a difference not just in the acting industry but also in society.