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Omather Fredieu Halko was born on 14th October 1937 in the Lake Country of Ohio in the United States. She said goodbye to the world forever at the age of 22 in the year 1958 on 28th October. Her dead body was buried in St. Mary Cemetery in Painesville, Lake Country. On her cemetery, the inscription quote is “God Alone Understands.” That picture of her cemetery was taken and shared by Brad Campbell on 20th March in the year 2020.

About Her Grave

And another picture of her beautiful face, when she was alive was posted by Shirley Gray but it was not taken by her, but she shared it. It was not taken by her, since she lives in the present day and the picture is almost 63 years old. On September 6, 2021, Wiley Black Well came and kept flowers, showing her love, and the same is done by Shirley, who shared the photo of her on 26 March 2020.

There is not much data about her on the internet. But in this article, it’s explained with whatever data is available on the internet.

Omather’s Family Members

Here, the names of Omather’s Friedieu Halko’s family members who were her parents and siblings are given below.


Siblings include James Henry Fredieu (1919–1988),  Fredieu (1924–1982),  Fredieu (1925–1953),  Fredieu (1927–2010),  Fredieu (1929–1963), Jeffery Warren Fredieu (1932–2001), Ople Fredieu Parker (1934–2013, and Owen Matthew Fredieu (1945–1969)


Her parents were Owen Matthew Fredieu (1901–1990), and Mary Elizabeth DuBois Fredieu (1905–1977).

Early Life

Omather Fredieu Halko was 4 years old when World War 2 was going on. The Imperial Japanese Navy attacked Pearl Harbor in Hawaii, intending to destroy the artillery and weapons of the US Navy. Pearl Harbour is a US Naval Base near Honolulu situated in Hawaii. There was a devastating scene of the surprise attack by Japanese forces on 7th December in the year 1941.

Father Owen Mathew Fredieu Sir

Mother Fredieu’s Father was born on 13th February in the year 1901. And he died at the exact age of 88 in the year 1990 on 12th February. He was buried in Shady Grove Cemetery in Grant Parish Louisiana in the United States of America. There are two beautiful pictures of him with his beloved wife Mary Elizabeth DuBois Fredieu that were taken when they were alive. One outdoor and one indoor. Those were shared by Kim Baughman, another one again by Shirley Gray. There is not much data available on the internet about him so this much is what’s all about.

Mother Mary Elizabeth Dubois Fredieu

To conclude, Omather Fredieu Halko’s mother’s name was Mary Elizabeth DuBois Fredieu. Her grave is in Grant Parish, Louisiana, in the United States. She was also buried in Shady Grove Cemetery, the same place where her husband is buried. She was born in the year 1905, on the 8th of December month. Mary’s death date is the 22nd of the month of December in the year 1977 when she was exactly 72 years old. She and her Husband Owen Mathew both died in the same month in which each of them was born. Her Grave picture was taken by Wylie Blackwell and he also shared it.


There is not much information available about this family except their name. And neither about Omather Fredieu Halko, who very, unfortunately, dies only at the very young age of only 22-year-old. And also, no data is available on the internet about why she died. So that’s all about it.