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On My Block is an American series created by Jeremy Haft, Eddie Gonzalez, and Lauren Lungerich. The first season was aired on 16th March 2018 on Netflix. The series was later renewed on 13th April 2018, and the second season was released on 29th March 2019. The series was renewed again on 29th April 2019 for season 3, aired on 11th March 2020. Been a teen comedy series, it attracted numerous viewers from different areas.

Is the series Renewed or Canceled

The series gained many fans worldwide fans after the release of its three seasons. The people are therefore questioning whether the series is renewed or canceled. The show creators have not provided information on the canceling of the series. Therefore, it is good news to the great fans that with time the series will be released.

Release date of On My Block Season 4

With the significant acceptance by many fans, most of them are eagerly waiting for the fourth season. The series is not canceled is likely to drop its new season soon. There are no confirmed dates on when On My Block Season 4 will be released. The release time of the former seasons seems to be following a particular date. 

With close examination, it is evident that all of them have been released in March. It insinuates that if we follow the pattern, our new season’s release date will be in March 2021. However, things may change due to the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic. When not released according to our perception, we will have to be patient until the official dates have been confirmed.

The Cast of On My Block Season 4

When On My Block Season 3 is released, everybody will be eager to see their favorite characters. Most of them will come back on the screens occupying their previous role or character. The casts involved include; Diego Tinoco as Cesar, Julio Macias as Spooky, Jessica Marie Garcia as Jasmine, Brett Gray as Jamal, Jason Genao as Ruby, and Sierra Capri as Monse. 

On My Block Season 4 Cast

On My Block Season 4 Cast

The series creators can also decide to bring up new characters in the fourth season. There may be new incidences that may require new characters that deserve new characters. However, there is no information on whether we will have new characters in the new season.

The Plot

As a great fan, you may need to know what will prevail in the next season. The season will probably pick up from where season 3 ended. Monse is seen at the boarding school trying to adjust, having a photo of her home crew at the bedside table. Jamal concentrates again on playing football while Ruby and Jasmine only have eyes for each other. The look shared between Ruby and Jamal indicates that they are not on good terms with each other. 

Season 4 will expound more on what happens between Ruby and Jasmine. Also, it explains why Jamal resolved to join the football crowd again. The kids come together to save Cesar severally. It comes to a situation when they have to save themselves in killing or getting killed. It comes a time they even killing someone. There is the provision of reasons why the group of friends got split.

When Should We Expect On My Block Season 4

Being an exciting series, many people are waiting for the release of this new season. It has acquired acceptance from many people in different geographical locations. According to the portrayed pattern on the release of the previous seasons, it is released in March. All three seasons have been premiered in March of every year since 2019.  The series can be expected probably in March 2021. It follows the indicated pattern in which the last season was aired in March 2020. 

Even though the Coronavirus Pandemic paralyzed most of the activities, we hope it will still be released. However, the showrunners have not hinted at when the new season will be aired. Whenever the dates are officially announced, we will update you. All you need to do is keep in touch to receive the latest updates.


For any exciting series, it tends to acquire acceptance and positive reviews from several groups of people. In the same way, the On My Block series has won the hearts of many people. They are eagerly awaiting the release of this new season. The release dates have not been confirmed officially. However, it may be around March 2021. 

It follows the evidenced pattern of the previous season’s release dates, which have only been aired in March every year. It is a show worth watching. In case you missed the first seasons, you can get them and start watching as we await the release of season four. The earlier seasons are readily available for you to access.